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Read my stories to find out about me.

Stories that i'm working on:

Love Sucks: Activated! This is the one I'll be focus one.

Ringo and Mango: Not Active, crosses over with 'Just Lovely'

Just Lovely: Not Active Yet, crosses over with 'Ringo and Mango'

I (heart) you?: Actually i don't even know when I will update this. Sorry.

Finally, i started a blog. So check out that site too for some updates on new mangas that actually read right to left.
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Your story is really cute. Your drawings are really great too. Can't wait for an update as well, although...I'm one to talk. (cough) Anyway, take your time cause I'm curious about how your story will go. :3
Okay I'm going to find out who added my comics to their favorites and put their name on this comment. Until then, her are my replies.

Here it is! Thank you a whole bunch to more people who added my comic to their favs. They are Mamo, MattRLI, becka jelly, Apployo, Raven Jiggsaw, hyakkos, popcorncomics, Rainbowgirl78 and Throwing Cats.

Also thanks to the people who already added my comic to their favs too. Thanks you guys. :3

Mamo - yup, Jason's an idiot. But you just got to love guys like these. Oh and thanks for reading this comic.

Gorfuru - don't worry, the meeting will be something to look forward to.

Mortisia - Thanks.

Ryuzaki_Yami - Thanks for waiting.

SapphireSophilia - lol I wouldn't have thought of that but it's somewhat close.

Throwing Cats - thanks

Unknown (Guest) - Thanks for reading all my comics, glad you liked them. And yes you are correct. Yoko is her first name and Asagi is her last. :D
I should have done this at the beginning....
Yup here's the cover page. Yes, I know I should have done this at the beginning but oh well. The next page should be up in two days or lease. It depends because of my part time job.

Oh and Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!! Hope you have a good one.
Alright! My update was a little bit faster this time. Hopefully maybe before next week another page will be up.

Thanks to the two new ppl who added me. InuHoshi and FaceMask. I think this is all(?). I'm not really quite sure but if I forget ya tell me! I really want to add ya on. :D

@ Ryuzaki_Yami - thanks for waiting.

@Sir Kitsune - lol, That is suicide to hug your killer.
Thanks everyone for keeping up with my slow pace comic. Sorry I'll try to update once a week but school is getting crazy lately....maybe crazier.

Also thanks to the new favs who added me to their favorites! Those are SomebodiesSunny, undefinedlust, gotTolovAnime, Raiv, InuHoshi, DecoraAi, Lufarea, megumidayo, Yurixcomicxlover, Dudekiller, simmergage, Ryuzaki_Yami, Piratey-ninja, axelia, shast, Drakanor Dream, Yuri_girl, eternoxamante and Tenshi Yami no Neko.

Okay...I think I got everyone but if I'm missing someone, then tell me so I can add ya to the list. :) But man, typing out names are hard, expecially when I try to find the new ppl who added me. Too bad it doesn't go in order of who added when.

Oh...and I realized that the 5 pages before this, I forgot to mention the main characters name.

@Sir Kitsune: That's good to hear, and yup everyone does enjoy a good hug. *gives you a hug*. There.

@kimkiko-chan - here's more and hopefully I can get another page in before Monday. :3

@mortisia13 - Thanks and more (cute)expressions are coming your way soon.

@FieryAnimated - Thanks but I really got to learn how to actually take the time to make my look even prettier.

@Jo-Lavi - Thanks for the compliment and thanks for keeping an eye on this comic.

@magik girl - thanks it will get even cuter in the next page.

@Draknor Dream - Thanks, although I need to take my drawings seriously.

@Ryuzaki_Yami - here's more :D
Thanks everyone for keeping track of this manga.

Also thanks to the people who also added me on their favs. Those are Magik Girl, Evilangel, Llawliet11, lostangryyouth, Mortisia13, Stephi, Jo-Lavi and Fire star kitten53092.

@ Sir Kitsune - Now you're making me feel bad for her. lol also I'm make a mental not make you angry. I rather have ya as a gaint teddy bear instead of a scary person. :D

@ Kimiko-chan - here's another page!

@ FieryAnimated: Nobody wins, saddly unless luck in on your side, which in my
Alright I finally updated love sucks! Everybody, thank Magik Girl cause she really wanted this updated, and I mean REALLY WANTED it to update. Hopefully later today I will update Finally! Love! page 5. I'll try to update Love Sucks hopefully by the end of the week...maybe.

Okay, well on to the comments I haven't answered on New Manga and note.

@Drakanor Dream - Thanks I must say though your best chance is at smackjeeves though.

@ Alain1609 - I guess you'll know it's mostly smackjeeves right?

@ Ratava - Thanks

@ Llawliet11 - I think I can survive without my tablet cause I just suck drawing with it.

@ Constantlytorn - thank you.

@ Magik girl - are you happy? Please say you're happy?
Alright I updated like I promised! Although...I don't know when I'll update again. Maybe on Monday or before that.

Oh and I realized that I missed about giving thanks to the people who faved me, and that also includes reading my manga.

Those are Kimiko-chan, Pathori, FieryAnimated, Vampire guinevere, Gorfuru, Bakanekochan, emopalooza, shast, FaceMask, zarah, SapphireSophilia, Sir Kitsune, EnfysWorks, and RAH.

Sorry for forgetting to add you guys, my bad.

@ kimiko-chan: Thanx! p.s - sorry for forgetting to add you on the page before.
Thanks to those who read my comic. I don't really know who you are but I do know at least four people. Which are wo_chi_baozi, Airse, alain1609 and SapphireSophillia. Thanks.

I'll also update another page tomorrow.

@ wo_chi_baozi: lol Really?

@ Airse: Thanks but I should take it more seriously like my other manga Love Sucks.

@ alain1609: I'm glade it made you laugh.

@ SapphireSophilla: Don't worry luck will come her way. :D
I'm sorry T_T.
Hope you enjoy. :)
Sorry everyone for not posting anything new for love sucks. It's just that I'm been working on a new comic called Holy Lies - A Knight's Tell. And I must mention that it's yuri/shoujo-ai! Yes, it's the old ages.

Before I forget to ask, do you guys want me to post it on smackjeeves or somewhere else. If it's somewhere else, it would have to be on my blog site that I started just yesterday. Check it out if you have time although there isn't anything yet.

Now to thank the lovely people who commented me.

Llawliet11 - Thanks for the understanding.

alain1609 - Thank you!

magik girl - really?!? Well,
thank you (Blush) but there are a lot of people who do way better toning then I do.

Drakanor Dream - Don't worry, I'm a hopeless romantic too of supernatural creatures. :3

Thorn - Thanks I hope I can do it.
You're welcome and I do like the story.

Even if it's a quick chapter page, it's really good.
Sorry for the late update but my computer got hit with a bunch of trojans which made the 'warning' wallpaper show up. It took nearly two days for me and my sis to get rid of it.

It was a bi*ch to get rid of since I was afraid that my files would disappear but luckily they didn't.

Thanks for keeping up with the story and thanks to the following that commented.

@SapphireSophilia - did u read the comment left you on the perv page?

@alain1609 - I won't leave....well, hopefully school won't be too long.

@magik girl - Nope I really like drawing so it's hard to be gone.

@Llawliet11 - Sorry for the two day delay.

@15loves (Guest) - Here's more.
Your shoujo art is really cute. I'm going to FAV this!

I can't wait to see what happens.
Suggesting about Submission to a Company
It's a tough decision but if I were you I would submit a totally different manga in DelRay, Tokyopop or whatever other companies that are out there because

1: Since this comic is on the web, the audience might not buy it. Seriously, why pay $10 on something that is on the net for free?

2: Promote the new comic on your website(this one here) to notify your fans of your awsome new manga. If your fans love this webcomic, I'm sure that they will die for the new manga. Does that make sense?

I'm not sure if this will help you and I know that making a new manga from scraps isn't so fun especially when you have to start all over from the beginning.

Since the doujin group that you are in are making a print of this webcomic already, I don't see a reason why you want a company to print it out.

So my final conculsion is that you should make a totally new manga to submit to a company and surprize your fans (me included) about them printing it out and saying 'please buy my new manga from XXXX' or something like that. I'm sure with your amazing ability and story telling, it won't be a problem coming up with a new manga.

P.S - if I sound mean about this idea or suggesting, I'm really sorry. I don't mean to offend you or anyone else.
I took a look at your webcomic and I gotta say that it's soooo cute. :3 I really the idea of the story and the title suits it very well. I can't wait to see what's next.

I would like to say 'please update soon' but then I have to eat my own words since I haven't been updating soon enough. lol

Keep up the awsome work. FAV <3
@SapphireSophilia - Yup an update and glad you like the way the page turned out thanks. :)
Sorry for updating so, so late. I hate to admit it but I forgot about this manga and made a new manga.

Thanks for those who reminded me to update. But I will also admit that once I looked at my old pages, I can't believe that I improved! Well, I'm not sure about this page but the new manga I was working on is totally awsome. I might put it up as a preview but who knows.

In other news, I will put page 9 up tomorrow. Yup, I already this the inking of it, but not the tones. Tonite I might even try to work on page 10. Hopefully, I can do regular updates on this manga.

@Elerond - Thanks

@Ratava - Thanks

@SapphireSophilia - Yes she did take the news pretty but wait till page 9.

@FebruaryHarpist - I'm glad that you went 'aww'.

@magik girl - Glad you like the cute expression.

@Vampirecheetah - Yeah! There should be more yuri comics out there.

@Jaze(Guest) - Heres more.

@Piratey-ninja - Yeah, LOVE.

@Guest - It's updated and hopefully like I said page 9 will be updated tomorrow. k?
Alright! The comic is moving again! But wait is this some sort of confession!?!? Well, maybe but next page should be up in the evening tomorrow if not then night. I thought about posting in the morning but I'm sleeping in.

@ Magik girl - Thank you and i'm glad the face in the last panel made you smile.

@ feruaryHarpist - More cute expressions will be on the way and thank you.

@ Liawliet11 - Here's another update! Thanks.

@ Kimiko-chan: I'm glad you love my manga. :)