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Vahn K
What up Peeps and Creeps.
As a freelance artist and writer I can travel and see the world for what it is and capture every moment with a pen for life is as transient as a breath of air. Tomorrow is never a guarantee my friends and my goal as a creator is to inspire and influence: Inspire the next generation of creators to speak out and express themselves through art and literature and to influence society to my whim so I can generate a wave of positive vibes from my work.

God has given me this opportunity to explore life through my artistic talent and my literary feats. I want to spread His love through my work because He has given me so much even though I am mentally ill.

I want to contribute my talent to society in a positive way and spread my art and writing everywhere.
Well I want to be a leader in this community and be that artist and writer who makes a difference in society.
Well that’s it. God bless.
(Believers never die because the dream lives on. Life is not short. It's just fast. Don't get left behind!)
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    Kevin Howard
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This page was more like an art project than a comic page. I was trying to piece together the images in the most appealing way and use the most effective filters to have that retro 90s effect. I drew the foreground but the background I used photo references from Mykawa Rd just up the street. I plan to take a trip down the long stretch taking pictures of actual locations there and use them as the backgrounds. Of course I will draw the comic but I really want to show the beauty of Houston through this comic because Houston is a beautiful place to live. It's just being torn apart by drugs, gangs, and violence. I want to show the ugly side of Houston too so my protagonists will venture into the depths of the projects. Right now they're in Area 1-1 Mykawa Rd. I have the path they're going in my head. I haven't thought of a final location. Maybe the NRG building or just all of down town. We'll see but for now I want to explore Mykawa since it's a very important road out here.
District Hell Revised
Last month I started a project called District Hell... but eh Bubble Gum Samurai kept me busy until I eventually forgot about it. Now I'm back with H-Town Beat Down. A comic strip based on the old arcade days of the 90's when beat em ups and fighting games thrived. Also this comic takes place in my new hometown of H-Town aka Houston, Texas. The characters will be based on family and friends.
Also I'm creating this comic to put Houston in the spotlight of the comic book world. I want show off my hometown in style. So as far as the backgrounds they will be photos of actual locations or hand drawn using photo references.

The first issue will take place on Mykawa Rd
Mykawa Rd is like one of the main streets that lead to down town and to some of the rougher parts of Houston. It's also known for that long as hell railroad which will be featured in the comic.

The main character is a character from my past stories, Leo Satsuma. He'll come across other main characters who will help him beat down thugs and gangsters and crooks that's taking over H-Town. Gang Banging and other crimes are high in Houston so i wanted to combat that through my art. Art is very powerful and influential. Kids are easily influenced so if we show crime and gang life in a negative life perhaps we can save at least more of the youth from falling in with gangs.

I don't want to put superheroes in this comic for the simple reason that there are none in real life. I want to present normal heroes with ordinary abilities and martial art skills to show people that it's okay to defend yourself and stand up for what is right. You don't need to hide behind a mask. Do cops hide behind a mask? What about firefighters or paramedics? What about the doctors and nurses. My characters are ordinary citizens of Houston who are fed up with the crime and want to do something about it. Being victimized is not cool and I hate when thugs and crooks think they can promote terror and prey upon those who can't defend themselves.

I'd like to see them last in the octagon ring mano y mano with a professional martial artist or UFC champion or at least someone who knows how to fight. Then well see their true colors.

H-Town Beat Down is by no means not my way of fighting crime in this city. To fight crime I'd have to be a cop like all the proud men and women who serve and protect our community. No. I'm just a simple comic book artist fed up of how crime is thriving in this city. I just want to do something about it with the talents God gave me.
I really like the style. Also the main character has a pretty unique style. This is definitely going in my favorites. Keep up the great work. :)
Vahn K
March 4th, 2019
Nice Style
Love the style. It's a pretty unique. I'll add this to my favorites so I can read more later. the story interests me so far.
Coltrane is not Kenny G. best line ever. XD
@Zaakiyah: I thought I was the only one. XD