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Pokémon fanatic, and drawer wannabe, the name's Veronica. Most call me Iconic, and I'm working on starting a comic
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@Samadriel: you did good with the espeon
@Farout656: one of them are rolling!
*excited squeel*
@solaris127h: oh. Can't really tell with the black and white of the comic, and the little grumpy attitude it showed. Sorry
I already did my heart felt comment on the last page.
I love it when pokémon comics integrate new pokémon within a month of their reveal
hfshjfuhfytdjyfjhfutdjtfjhf this was the best thing!

Thank you for getting me onto the internet to see all the web comics there are!
Sorry, I can't. I don't have discord
August 20th, 2019
Paps isn't going to like that!

Which gym though?
Everyone's Favorite Songs and their Signatures?
I'm homeschooled! I don't technically start school!
@LuckyPuppie: yeah, the link isn't working
Hey, instead of a grey blank cat, could you design yourself a cat? At least give yourself a face?
It's like battle bond!

Oh wait, battle bond is mega evolving without a stone. Practically what's going on rn
How about a shuppet causing trouble?

Gary.ex is not responding