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Pokémon fanatic, and drawer wannabe, the name's Veronica. Most call me Iconic, and I'm working on starting a comic
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Lavender town, here we come!

I see what you did there
Third to last speech bubble. You can take out the It.

Second to last speech bubble, "Last day of the league" instead of "Last day of league"

And IDK what the last speech bubble says
You mean, it's not a tournament?

That's mean!
I see the light stone from the unova region
@Snapinator: Have you seen the new electric corgi pokémon? So cute!
The country side looks awesome! Hope to see more soon!
Love this comic!

It's one of the first I've seen on... Well, the internet!

Can't wait for you to return and give us more awesomeness.
Isn't anyone gonna see that he doesn't belong there?
Meh, I got it in pokémon Ultra Sun. Still don't 100% understand it.
Now comes the good part
Funny how they turned into a scorbunny

I love this strange comedy
You exist?

That's funny
I loved all of it while it lasted