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I see. If it’s easier for you, then that’s probably the best choice for you ^^
Really? That’s even more impressive in my opinion. I usually draw with mechanical pencils which usually make very noticeable lines, so I assume it’s harder to do that with light pencils, right? ^^
YW, you did a really good job recreating them ^^
Well, that’s a good thing, right? If you designed a character to be the favorite and they end up being the favorite, then you accomplished what you set out to do ^^
Shelly and peako are holding the same flag and Shelly is looking directly at peako. Coincidence? :3
Shoot, I meant crystal, crystal is my favorite character >~<

Silver is cool too tho :3
Silver’s face in panel 9 is great XD
This is a really cool drawing. I don’t know who half of those creators are, but mouse and scruffyeevee look accurate ^^
This is basically most arguments on the internet in a nutshell and it’s great XD
I like briar’s expressions in this page. It shows that despite how angry she can get, and how big her dreams are, she doesn’t yet know what she’s doing and is also probably somewhat homesick/scared of the uncertainty of her quest, all shown through her expressions and not at all through text. It’s really cool ^^
I like the “good cop, bad cop” thing that sylvia and lazuli are doing with speed about how he’s raising sunshine. It’s really funny and really cute ^^
Thank you very much, that means a lot coming from you ^^
Hmm, briar specified her mom specifically and not her parents. Could it be that there are some strains in their relationship that causes the dad to be away? Or possibly work that the dad needs to do, similar to how gym leaders rarely leave the town they work in? :3
Actually, that means cedar beat roksa, briar hasn’t left yet ^^;
I wonder if briar will battle roksa as well
The self-censorship is brilliant XD
What was the big incident I wonder? :3
“Have a team again”? I sense a backstory for later. Can’t wait to hear that when it happens ^^