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Imma nerd that loves:

I work at a freddys in oklahoma
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    Wyatt Hames
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Did... did he just break the 4th wall?
I dont know how my reply ended up here...
And if that isn't the case, what would Fluffy think? It would be like flare is ashamed of fluffy. At least thats what i would think fluffy would feel.
I'd his eye is covered, does that mean little eevee can't see?
Gah! The tension! Its higher than the tension in my back!
Agree with me so much ya had to say it twice? Lol just messin with ya. Have a good day :)
I live binging this. Being behind isn't so bad because you get to see all this awesome stuff at once!
Step 4: give me your first born child and relinquish your soul to me! Muhahahahaha!!!! Just kidding, it's believing in yourself!
Wow. Kris really just said that huh? Well it is in her nature but damn lol.
Keep up rhe great work guys!
I love this comic! :D
A couple typos but idc. This is amazing and i live this comic so so much!
And now i can sleep in peace after seeing that Fluffy ball of Sunshine.