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I would have thought that Niki would be wearing boxers or at least boy shorts. oh well. Sexy stuff is good too.
I want them to make out but I like the story, but I want them to make out, but I want the story to have a plot. . . . AHHHHHRRRGGGGGG. . . . . . . . . . . . . i like your comic. Please keep it going?
Hey there.
Just found this webcomic off of the New Comics on the front page. I like your style, and hope you update soon. The premise of your comic sounds interesting, and I would love to read more of it! -thumbs up -
The first panel is amazing. And I love the little dragon up in the air. That would have taken a long time to draw and color in, so its ok that the comic is in black and white.
At least Audri is putting up a fight, cause that line is really really bad. And only dicks use it.
Maud really needs to get her butt in there, save Audri, and get her ass off those drugs. Hopefully she does what we want her too. please? pretty please?
Maud is either jonesing so hard that she doesn't really understand, or she just doesn't really understand what just happened. Readers can only hope that she comes out of it and does something at the last second. -whispers in head- snapoutofit,snapoutofit,snapoutofit,snapoutofit!!!!
I knew there was a reason I love bears so much. they protect the cute ones from the homophobic ones!!!! . . . . but I'm not cute, or homophobic. . . . I guess I'm a bear then. I'm totally fine with that.
Well, it's better than . . .
Weirder is better than normal, thats all I got to say.
0_0 . . . . spiky . . . . but cute in an impressive, large, imposing way. . .
I only know three.. . . why aren't people tell us what they are?. . please?
1 Snow white
2 Main character from Atlantis
3 ?
4 Aladdin. . . or Abu. . .
its been a while since I watched disney movie's with people in them.
my name is becca. . . and that sounds like something I would do. . . but I don't remember ever asking to hug someone in a pet store. . . im scared.
How is Bailey a virgin? She is so pretty!!! . . . I would date her. . if she was real . . . ( I'm not fixating on a fictional character, oh no )
YAY!! purdy!!
small comment, but good chapter, and the color was nice. thank you for doing the pages in color!
The girls remind me of two girls at my school. The thing is that the Blonde is straight, and the Brunette is bi, so the Brunette would be the one with her hand on the Blondes butt.
I was tottaly ready for them to convince him by kissing more. Darn. But, good for making them stay in character, and making them taunt the taunter.
i love your webcomic, i love your characters, and i love this page!!! I have been waiting so long for a kiss, and hopefully this will be it!!. . although, if it is a kiss, then lor will act really uncomfortable around nikki for a while afterwards.
Seth is so tall compared to Roxene. Seth must have to tell her to look up alot. hehe
( Cause her eyes are up here *points to eyes * )
There are finally updates for this comic!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I fav'ed it a long time ago, and was sad when it stopped updating, but now its back, so i am happier today!!!!
*wow, i seem hyper*