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Like: Manga, anime, reading, and drawing (duh.)
Dislike: Loud people, the sound of people eating, and the smell of oranges
I love this comic
excuse me W H A T
I luv ur art style
Art? Abstract.
Wig? Snatched.
Hotel? Trivago.
But he was not fine

And he would not be for a while
this would probably be a lot funnier if i knew anything about star trek
hrrnn *fujoshi noises*
i ship
ooooh boy this is gonna be fun
off to a great start
uhh can't see the page
*sees a new wofw chapter*
"Ah shit, here we go again."
Should've known
one of those dreams where a glowy stranger gives ya a smooch
(is in an elevator) "A milkshake."
jesus christ that is one long schlong