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Ultric Sandov
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(Assuming we can still command Jim)
> Find yourself.
> Be super serious and strike epic pose. Also, hurt Jim again. It was obviously fun the first time.
> Throw temper tantrum. It's sure to get sympathy.
> 4thed
>Glandor: Reappear at the nearest pokemon center with all of your pokemon revived.
>G: Move boulder closer to the camera by utilizing the third dimension.
See above comment.
Ultric Sandov
September 6th, 2009
Well, I finally decided to come back to SJ for a little and this comic hasn't gotten too much further, but it's still interesting. I can see Shard's still enjoying her little adventures into the world of javascript's random function.
> Slice through the door and investigate.

Liking the new layout.
One thing I'd suggest is to put the name thing for the comments right over the title in its box and make it into its own cell with a white background. I can't really read most of that stuff as of right now. Pretty nice, though. That background looks like it would make a nice wallpaper.
> Upgrade template for awesomeness and then proceed to boggle your mind with that optical illusion of a closet/wardrobe.
(Translation: Thing in corner bevels both in and out, thus, it must be like key/gun.)
> Look around and wonder why the room's proportions don't fit the way it looks from the outside.
> Walk inside and shake hands with whoever is there.
> Put your RIGHT FOOT in and take your RIGHT FOOT out. Then, put your LEFT FOOT in and shake it all about.
Prediction: Half of the fans will love it and other half will go "O.o" and inside that large group will be the group that goes "Oh, she made it publicly shown now."
I fall into the O.o group and the third one.
Indeed, it is easy to read. I'm gonna guess that Shard typed them in last or something in between placing noise effects. If so, good call.
> Enter room by coming in from HOLE in CEILING.
(Obviously, I'm implying you make one if it isn't there.)
> Any of the above
> Walk up to SISTER'S DOOR and OPEN it, since you live in the same HOUSE.
( By the way, Shard, your CYOA machine is broken. You don't have a > _ for inputting commands. )

> Look at the ceiling and smile with glee.