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Video games, Anime, and Manga. All the things that make a usual nerd.

Ohey I'm trying to get back into comics

Comics I'm banned from commenting on tally:6 (Probably more)
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Too be fair, she did say it was a bad idea to give the child to her in the first place.
Side note
get the fuck on steam
Unrelated fun fact. In my almost 22 years of life I've only seen on shiney pokemon that wasn't that red Gyrados... And it was back before pokemon had color
Colorblind-ness can range from a lack of visual color, lack of an ability to see one or more colors in particular, the inability to distinguish 2 or more colors from another color, or the person "mixing up" colors such as all green things looking blue.
I wonder if this ever actually happens
You've officially stolen my heart.
This is the best dinosaur rap I've heard
I can't wait. I want to know why everyone is dressed as dinosaurs
I will be sure to keep my socks on
@RazorD9: Tom was just trying to do his job man
November 18th, 2015
Evidently, it did work
What kind of pizza is that?
I want some
Being single is great
soooo much better
all the free time I want
Never gotta worry about anyone
Endless party
I'm toootally not in denial
Vibrators were actually made for Doctors to use on female patients.
Female Hysteria patients were often treated by inducing an orgasm. As Doctor's hands go sore from the "Massage" they perform the vibrator was eventually created for the ease of the Doctor.
What the fuck are you doing Jam?
Posting sprites and shit
That's not allowed
Don't forget the racist centaur from Fantasia Disney insists doesn't exist st.jpg
I dunno
They look pretty spot on to me
Maybe a lighter skin shade for Finn but that's about it