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And it was at that moment that he trainer and the kadrabra knew that they screwed up
In my head I gave the growlithe like a britch accent
At least the owner did the double upload thing
“Guys!, I’m trying to be all cool and edgy over here!” -Shadow the MewTwo
Hah hah! Love he last pages
Because of this comic I
Went online to play Pokémon yellow
Go to nugget bridge
Follow the instructions
And the mew! (And I named her eve)
That’s what happened to me. My pikachu also died to my first pidgey
I know that joke. Eve is zero suit samus and areodyactal is Ridley from smash
Ever since I saw this comic I’ve now need a mew on my team
Is that clefairy or jigglepuff
Aww ralts is so cute!!!
In fire birds frame he looks like the roadrunner in he cartoons
AWW MAN! Shipping confirmed! They are together!
*target sighted* BLAST THEM!