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What am I doing with my life?
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@borzoiteeth: Yeah it's pretty much just how it's more critical and flips some of the typical aspects on their heads. Despite that, I still want to keep what makes PMD special in the end.
Thanks for the encouraging response. I wasn't actually sure if people actually liked the cynical yet jokey approach I'm doing. Then again, I didn't think an "anti PMD comic" would prove too popular. And yeah, I definitely wanted a unique approach which focuses more on the issues of a Pokemon society in a satrical manner, rather than a grand adventure
It's been forever. I feel you, I'm still adjusting to uni as well
@borzoiteeth: Oh thank you. I knew you've been a fan for a while, but what do you like about it exactly?
@Murp: Yeah Team SDPT is kinda supposed to be a parody on obviously evil Pokemon teams like Meanies, AWD, and Skull. (tbh pretty much every character is a parody of something) Also neat, I didn't know you had a full Smackjeeves account
Kind of decided to change the speech bubbles a little
Oh wow, I could've sworn at least one of your characters wore one. But the Stardust duo only had cravats
Hmm. I wonder if something will happen to Popeye, considering the Quilava's name...
I'm sure there are worse Pokemon to become
And so, the link between human and partner remains eternal forever and ever. It's the natural order
Pretty much what happened
@00x268: My pages have a vertical height of 2000px. PNG
I always enjoyed your artstyle and the cold setting really sets it apart from Evolution
For those who care, I might not update for a week or two due to exams. I was also thinking about changing the page layout a bit because I honestly think that everything's too crowded together
Looks interesting. I think I saw your work on r/mysterydungeon
@comercole: It's really just Gliscor who hates them
Well this is my first time doing a webcomic...already have "first several pages look terrible" syndrome...
...this will be interesting