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wait nvm about my first comment im soo confused
maybe black is salty cuz cc is like his sister? maybe?
i think hes a reincarnation of frost or just frost that died didnt actually die but teleported and forgot what happened
@FrenzyFlareonTDF: im just re-reading the old pages
its so shiny my eye's are burning lol XD
just look at his eye's its glowing
i meant my wifes fluff he said hahaha
wait does flare's fluff also work as a bag????
cuz that means leafy and flare are the same as those two couples aaaannd that means leafy can use flares fluff as a bag????
future brother in la- me:wait what
Wait what's wrong with leafy is she sad?
The first panel just Ahh to cute to be true
i just realise that pkm now make comics 3 days a week
its been so long since the first comic pkm and loyka are good artist and they are still making comics i mean i was reading this since the first comic was released
this chapter is lit i think its going to be about mrs mollie's relationship with flare, speed,and kris
wow its all coming together
ive been reading all these comic but now i
finnaly made an account
@TheSerperior this suit that they found?