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hey scruffy. in comic 286# Defying Duskity
there was gonna be a fight .
r u planning on making one :) ?
@Sora_Hisui: 50% pun cuz he is a little tide up
XD lol
Thougt she gonna use that TM
@Guest: dude no she didn`t it was her sister who did.
the last panel :
Dawn : DUSK !!! HOW COULD YOU >:<
( get it ? :) )
I didn`t know is missing too ...
panic attack *
can you explane the green paw again plz

i can`t read them
Dose that vee kinda look like Vay?
or is just me ?
so that the memory Vay lost his neck fur right ?
this is really cute and it get funny at the end .
and what is about tranqing?
and wait i though Nego aunt is Dawn ( espeon ) ?
@TheKingKonquer: how do you even know about this
And i cant tell with is sky and sora
And do you know why there a veporeon in sora dream ? ( the vapoureon that lost all but still have the vay )
@Pinkeevee222: now i scrool dowm the i relice i make a mistake yesterday
sorry pinkeevee .
didn`t mean to
class wedgies? they don`t even have pants

wwut ??
can i ask ..ok
what dose Eevee Number do ?