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uh... I'm an amatuer sprite comic artist, (yeah I know thats redundant.) and I wish I could draw more then anything(naturally I worship anyone who can), but lucky for me one can use sprite comics to cover up for lack of talent. I'm really into writing, singing, and acting. I like anime a lot, my favorites are FLCL and Naruto, but I'm pretty fluent in anything anime.
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Your comics are great, the story is original and the art is extremely impressive. Although I want to know more you d00d, any chance for an about the author page?
When I said Monday what I really meant was, two weeks from now and saturday.
Heh Heh
PJ said "one piece".
My very first filler.
Yeah I realize i haven't updated in a million years(I also realize thats hyperbole its only been like a month or so), but that becuase I'm home for vacation and my sprite comics junk is on my "school" computer. See I can make things in photoshop, but I can't update being on my "home" computer, which isn't so bad, seeing as how I can't do anything on my "non-existant" computer, as it doesn't exist.
Today's filler will look slightly familiar to fans of the anime/manga Death Note. It's essentialy L's monogram except it's a J. For James! You know, like my name? My names James by the way. Anyway expect an update this monday, I promise.
Some Litteration based hero should lay the smack down on these Mathematical Heretics.
Dude you could make a real comic, this is like professional stuff.
This is all in all a great comic.
This comic ownz fav'd.
Uh oh
This reminds me of several super hero comics.
That was a family-guyesque flashback
Oh jeez
That was almost dirty.
July 21st, 2006
Is she dead or a vampire?
yeah a kitty lover's got a retarded name and no comics.
At least he made it quick.
Did Tannie go Super-Saiyan?
Seems like Axel is jealous.
At least the helicopter didn't explode.
Just one answer
Wes is already up you tit.
that green guy rocks. Way to update like 7 times in one day, You make me look bad.
Thats a great drawing.