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I am drinking a cup of water,then I saw this.....
You guys definitely know what is happening next...
Everytime I saw eevee,I only think about one word....

Adorable!!!!!(Am I right??)
Sylveon and glaceon,who would you choose if you were jolteon?
(I want to make a investigation so answer me plz~)
Please I need more~~
It's good to see leafy smile again!!

And...undoubtedly,this is the greatest English comic I've ever seen!!!!!
Well done PKM-150!!!!!!
It's really scared me!!
Why would she say that???
It's so adorable. >//////<
Wait...Gai call flare Sunny,and flare reply him that only Kristal call him that.

BUT...why would Gai know that?

Don't tell me...??
I think all I can do is support you and your fantastic comic,and I look forward to it everyday.Every panel is so beautiful and the story is great.Em....All I want to say is me,every viewer in your comic will always by your side.Am I Right?
I think it's Tayo.
You can find him in special chapter
That's cute!
I love it!!!!!