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Color: Black and White (that's one color), I also like Red...and blue. LOL. Colors.

Nationality: Filipino (and proud, even if I cant speak the language well)

Food: Your soul....and spicy things. SPICY SOUL!

Music: Rock. (Anberlin, Ali Project, Maximum The Hormone, Coheed and Cambria, etc)

Gayness Level: 75% seme, The Romantic, Gentleman type+

Weakness: Blushing, teary, uke face...<3

Anime: Aku No Hana, Kodocha

Manga: Nana, Otomen, Furuba

Comics: I LURVE SANDMAN BY NEIL GAIMAN, V for Vendetta and Watchmen

TV: Star Trek, Friends, Criminal Minds, Hannibal, Merlin

Books: Anthem by Ayn Rand (cant remember it, but I know I liked it), the Dispossesed by Ursula Le Guin, American Gods by Neil Gaiman and A Separate Peace by John Knowles.
  • Real Name
    Don G.
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Sorry if I play it safe with these compositions I'm comfortable with, but I havent made art for holidays in a long while.

This time it's a little special...I used to want to avoid drawing 'future' and 'past' illustrations, cuz I didn't want to spoil shit. But I suppose this much should be fine.....?

Can you tell who this is? This is probably what he's doing right now, in 2019.
We all have different ideas of heroes...
I kinda fucked up in the speech bubbles here but I laid this out long ago and didn't know how to fix it. Sorry.

I'll try to be cleaner in the future!

Funny story, in my pages, Chiharu was there instead of Nami...which made no sense since they left him behind. HAHAH

So I had to redraw it...;;
I edited this page and the last one to work with my assistant. Am a bit tired tho. Please leave feedback if you like~

I forgot to say it, but comments questions and suggestions are always always welcome!
So I forgot to upload here, sorry, still trying to get back on my feet about all this.

It's hard gettig your brother alone when he has this fckn clique that he just wont separate from lmao
More chatroom...

I'd like to upload more in bulk but I'm currently training at my job so it's a bit hard. I want to upload twice a week only if I've got enough material to do so for a month >:\

which is, at least 8 updates ahead ahahah;;
Hello! This is the first page that was mostly toned by my new assistant, cookie!

They're still a bit rough around the edges but they're improving, slowly!!

If you want to support me and cookie so we can get you more pages soon, don't forget that I have a patreon!
Yall kids pls pay attention to class lol
Who am I kiddin I slept in class...just work hard! If ya gon b lazy, be smart-lazy!
"I wanted to show you around school"
Man that woulda killed me, create models for everythingasjkda


but anyway no, here u go
People are subscribing now to kurohi in tapastic. Traffic here is pretty low, though, hm.
They have no long this comic has been waiting for updates hahahaha;;

I will try not to do it again!!!
My funding is now with toners for kurohi, so, I'll do my best...!!
Damn wtf I'm sorry I'm bad at scheduling in two places =w=!!

I'm sorry.
Maybe I should give this account to a friend to help me or something;;
Anyway next page in half an hr
I thought I'd scheduled this but I hadn't. Sorry!
@WindowMaker: Damn! I didn't know that. Interesting. Speaking of which very sad because I was actually using project wonderful for this site, disappeared for personal reasons, and came back POOF t'was gone. I had a bit of revenue there kinda a shame I didnt get to at least widthraw it...but thats how it is.

Anyway thanks for your response! I'll seriously consider that then, and see how else I can make passive revenue here.

¡slooℲ lᴉɹd∀
When you wanna do something for April Fools but ur comin back frm a hiatus so u dont wanna delay updates either

My solution.
@WindowMaker: no problem. Just tolerate tho? Why? Any reason?

Asking also as feedback~
T-to make up for it...!
I'm back...!
What's sad is the date this file was made was 2016

It's been 3 years

I'm sorry :'(

Thank you all for supporting me the way you all's been a wild ride. If you check the annoucnement I may or may not shut down smackjeeves, because I don't think I get traffic here. But we'll see.

I'm also looking into launching a patreon so who knows...!
@Riaya: will do!
I am iffy to leave smackjeeves becase I really like the layout I made for it...but...we'll see, I guess... TTwTT)

However I do also have a tapastic account. So there's that. It's among the links on the right.
Spirit Day
I missed Spirit Day this year because I got busy, and also my PC was in the repairshop.
Still, feels incomplete not to do something.

That being said, this place has been gathering dust, huh? I haven't updated because some issues happened with someone I was working with to make some elements of the next chapter, however it's been somewhat resolved and we're heading along on a slow and steady movement.

Despite this, I also noticed a lot of problems. Photobucket no longer allows free third party hosting, as such my layout is now...well...messed up. Also this place gets little to no traffic. I got four times the amount of fans and traffic on tapastic compared to this place. More profitable, though, not as flexible. I like the interface I designed here.

I don't want to give it up, but I'm starting to wonder if Smackjeeves is right, so brace yourselves as you might one day see that I've moved elsewhere.

Still, this comic isn't gone, just going through some really tough times. :(

If anyone is reading this announcement, I'm flattered and blessed by your loyalty and investment, hopefully I can pay it in kind soon!

P.S. there will be no Kurohi Halloween art, since I have been inactive so long. It feels wrong to spam you with fillers too much
He tried
lmao idk when this happened or if it even could happen but it's cute lololol

Yuki probs would've taken multiple selfies to get that right. How nice.

Happy Valentine's Day. I am seeing the light...the neverending hiatus may end...if my friend will let me.