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Color: Black and White (that's one color), I also like Red...and blue. LOL. Colors.

Nationality: Filipino (and proud, even if I cant speak the language well)

Food: Your soul....and spicy things. SPICY SOUL!

Music: Rock. (Anberlin, Ali Project, Maximum The Hormone, Coheed and Cambria, etc)

Gayness Level: 75% seme, The Romantic, Gentleman type+

Weakness: Blushing, teary, uke face...<3

Anime: Aku No Hana, Kodocha

Manga: Nana, Otomen, Furuba

Comics: I LURVE SANDMAN BY NEIL GAIMAN, V for Vendetta and Watchmen

TV: Star Trek, Friends, Criminal Minds, Hannibal, Merlin

Books: Anthem by Ayn Rand (cant remember it, but I know I liked it), the Dispossesed by Ursula Le Guin, American Gods by Neil Gaiman and A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

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    Don G.
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@Riaya: will do!
I am iffy to leave smackjeeves becase I really like the layout I made for it...but...we'll see, I guess... TTwTT)

However I do also have a tapastic account. So there's that. It's among the links on the right.
Spirit Day
I missed Spirit Day this year because I got busy, and also my PC was in the repairshop.
Still, feels incomplete not to do something.

That being said, this place has been gathering dust, huh? I haven't updated because some issues happened with someone I was working with to make some elements of the next chapter, however it's been somewhat resolved and we're heading along on a slow and steady movement.

Despite this, I also noticed a lot of problems. Photobucket no longer allows free third party hosting, as such my layout is now...well...messed up. Also this place gets little to no traffic. I got four times the amount of fans and traffic on tapastic compared to this place. More profitable, though, not as flexible. I like the interface I designed here.

I don't want to give it up, but I'm starting to wonder if Smackjeeves is right, so brace yourselves as you might one day see that I've moved elsewhere.

Still, this comic isn't gone, just going through some really tough times. :(

If anyone is reading this announcement, I'm flattered and blessed by your loyalty and investment, hopefully I can pay it in kind soon!

P.S. there will be no Kurohi Halloween art, since I have been inactive so long. It feels wrong to spam you with fillers too much
He tried
lmao idk when this happened or if it even could happen but it's cute lololol

Yuki probs would've taken multiple selfies to get that right. How nice.

Happy Valentine's Day. I am seeing the light...the neverending hiatus may end...if my friend will let me.
I told a friend about this, now I'm rereading, so excuse my bookmark/comment.
@Riaya: to you too ^^
This is art I did back in 2013 and left it at 90% completion. Tbh I forgot about it and now that I'm mega busy for xmas, I'm thankful it's there for me to just...FINISH.

So happy holidays guys!

where's the updates?....I wonder too...This is really upsetting...friendship and business shouldn't mix =w='
@Guest: Hello and thanks for commenting!

I too am awaiting it's continuation...

I'm getting very antsy about it and I'm sincerely waiting on someone before progressing further...but it is getting to the point where I am at a bit of a loss on how to proceed if I can just dump that person's [supposed] work...

I will not be happy with it, and that person is a friend so I'm hoping to trust them and wait. I hope you all will be patient and wait too >_<; <3
Happy Halloween!
Somewhat late.

I have been drawing this ship quite a bit more...hopefully get to their story someday //sobs

I may not seem like it...but I'm still working on this. //sighs.
over a week late (it's almost halloween!) but I still wanted to do something for Spirit Day.

Poenies symbolize compassion. Spirit Day is about perseverence, but compassion is the key to giving one another strength.

Yes this comic is still alive despite it's tragic inactivity for...who knows how long.

I am waiting for someone to make a certain...thing...and they are taking forever.
I'd cancel it, really, but they keep insisting that they will do it and I'd really like for them to. //sighs
エイプリルフール!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Read Right>Left.
I ended up flipping some of the art too just to balance it out in, I flipped it, and also balanced art.

Point being Kurohi is set in Japan so it's in manga style. Barely know Japanese tbh but I ahd my bro's kanojo translate what I couldn't. Hahahaha

Thank's ane~

had to flip the letters too, damn.

I'll upload the english version when I begin updating again. =w=

It happened again
Artist: Arc
March 25, 2016

its so I guess we havent changed much if this is still the issue.

They're really stuck in time...
Happy Valentine's Day!
Or singles awareness day. Whatever.

Those of you reading kurohi for the first time wont recognize them, but even if you read kurohi before who knows if you do...but this is Shin-sensei (left) and Elliot-sensei (right) when they were in school. Shin was 13, and graduating middleschool (he advanced), and Elliot was 16 in his second year of highschool.

They were both foreign-looking, and handsome, so they were very popular. They sold the chocolate they recieved. They ate some of, if they liked it. Shin had a fanclub (boys and girls alike). Elliot liked to flirt with him too.

Full art in deviantart
AND THATS IT...I just wanted to cap off the little blurb update before going back into temp hiding for kurohi.......

This cover gives you the impression that bad things happen...but not really.

I just really liked the cover idea.

Well serious things do happen though...since kurohi became a serious story.

How did it end up this way...the original plan was for this to be full of shenanigans really. But that was the plan eight years ago.......things change.

Comments Criticisms and suggestions are welcome~
See you in Feb, with updates on Shieldheart! Ja!
@raziesgirl: YEAH haha happy new years too

I wont be doing a full flashback but definitely this chapter there's going to be A LOT more explained about their relationship as opposed to the mystery that was version 1 hahahah
Look at Yuki with his shorter hair. This was only the year before, in case anyone's wondering.

The timeline of kurohi is set in 2014, so this was June of 2013. The entire story of kurohi is set to end by 2015....but it's already 2016. ;v;

So I'll be stuck in the year 2014 for another decade or something if I keep up this rate. o-|-<

I need to make time...and be faster...get assistants...all of that. I want to finish kurohi and do the story nice. uvu;

This is the end of the pre-chapter.
I just wanted to post it before slinking away again.

I'm sorry...but I want to graduate. :)) I want to have a nice thesis.

I will not leave it to dust though...I simply dont want to make any promises when I'm unsure I can deliver. So I'd rather put this on hiatus to refrain from that.

Thank you for your patience orz

See you next week, just for a little splash art? or would you all prefer I'd just post the cover of this chapter when I begin it? hahaah

See you next week, ja. =v= <3
There's a lot I owe to random urges with this story...
This entire section, until the next page, and some pages you'll see in chapter 2 were easy to write because one day I was like

"God how did these two even grow to like each other?" since they have such differing personalities.

So I tried writing out the whole story of them getting together with a method I sorta got from a special edition of W.I.T.C.H in which the story was told from both sides...except it's a lot more like "Flipped", really.

I wrote the whole affair in chapters, alternating from Yuki's POV and Driz's POV. It's hilarious how mismatched it is.........they're both so lame. Driz is based on me, so I'm essentially making fun of some aspects of myself too. o-|-<

I'm sorry I've been ranting haven't I? I guess I just miss telling you guys things in these sections :'>

One more update this Friday~
See you then, ja!
I wanna just work on kurohi....well, I also need assistants so I can update faster. That would help.

but they'd need to have Photoshop and be willing to be 'trained' by me with no pay...I get no money for kurohi, nothing significant yet... I can only pay with experience.

But no one wants that......Maybe I'm too strict. (u_u?

Anyway there was nothing liek this chapter at all before, in version 1. In a way you could say version 1's chapter 1 was split into chapter 1 and 2 in this version...
...but I've gotten a little feedback and it seems fans like this one better, as certain things are clearer and have more depth. That's good.

As a side note this page went through a lot of revision in panel 1...because I'm not good at perspective, and when I drew it, and added the didn't I redrew it with the background in mind hahhahaha....;v;

Another Update on Wednesday~
See you then, ja!
So something not so joyous
A little early, but parents have come up wth a last minute trip to our beach house, so I wont be here for Christmas. Comin' back the day after though.

Somehow couldn't come up with anything very happy/cute/joyous for art this Christmas.

I'm not having a bad christmas, just I didn't seem to be able to come up with any holiday cheer art

Then I figured "Holidays dont have to be cheerful"

Some people have tough times during the holidays.
Until somewhat recently, Nami had pretty rough Decembers himself. (The reason will come out eventually..)

So I figure, same for all of you, have a peaceful, if not happy holiday.
Have a kurohi Fatal Frame parody!
I used to be easily spooked as a kid so I didnt like the game, and hid when my brothers played it. I wish I'd played it.
I found this in my kurohi folder totally forgot I made the edit. but it's really amusing.

I did it around september lol oops oh well.

I remember I did it because I thought I drew Yuki especially hott in that panel.