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I like to draw, play video games, and watch anime. Ya know, the usual.

Currently into Pokemon (mainly Generation 5), though I used to be in the Undertale Fandom.


I want to make comics so I can improve my art! If you have any criticisms or advice, I'd love to hear them!
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July 2nd, 2019
June 16th, 2019
this got me thinking about colress!
(dang, the way you introduced him was hilarious--)

well, he was able to get everyone off his scent, at least
Happy Father's Day
To all you people with fathers! And fathers themselves! And to the ones with daddy issues!

I watched about 3 minutes of the sequel to that one Austin Powers movie and I just decided to put in it a comic. It seemed fitting...
Things wrong with Episode RR
One of the things that people bash on USUM is that Lusamine was dialed back significantly-- She was less "unhinged" and was more fixated on her husband than the beauty of ultra beasts.

Except that they never took out the evidence of her insanity--- like the frozen pokemon. Especially after episode RR, when they all laugh at Faba.

I guess i thought it would be a funny thing to make this comic about :P
Oh gosh that last dialogue frickin hit me like woter.... :0

cheren you lovable, lovable goof <3
June 2nd, 2019
d-did the pignite just get killed off?
i'm still in denial...
@SeahDaLunatic: should i ask what you mean by that?
This is... funny
I kinda liked this comic but it included shipping and I drew it in too

ah... Sorry for the people who don't like Maxie x Archie
I tried free handing an entire comic and this was the result.

it's very painful guys--
@BudgieGryphon: Who would he trade it with though? A grunt? Some random person on the street?

meh-- It shall always be a mystery
Oh gosh
Well! This page marks the last comic of my goal ladder thingy!
(this doesn't mean the comic is ending though-- I just reached a goal!)

I'm proud of this one, honestly. It's probably my favorite comic in this series :D
I couldn't draw as well because I didn't have my art tablet, sorry!

I had to do this on my phone with a different software, so I'm sorry for any nuances in the art style. (I'm also uploading this from my phone... Everything is really weird)

Your regular Pokevillain Tea Party will resume next week.
@LuckyPuppie: Oh!!! Thank you!

I just... make sure that my characters look like they're suffering enough, that's all.
This was 100% inspired by a Percy Jackson meme I saw (too perfect not to draw)

Probably doesn't make much sense, so I apologize for that! I'm kind of having trouble drawing comics now that it's testing week and everything is turning into HELL--

(I might not be able to crank out extra comics next week due to a forced family vacation, so I apologize!)
awe-- Lenora was hard to beat.

That was a good nightmare tho 10/10 would dream again
Adhoges must go or else you might become...

a protagonist.