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I like pie.
-would totally do that-


If the inking looks different, that's because this was traditionally inked, and the others are digitally inked.

Although there isn't a big visible difference.

That's good :)
hurrah for octopus arms~
And yes, in the true story, the wallet was found. On the couch. Where I threw it in a heat of anger when I was flipping out for no reason.
no logic.
Now that I read this, it makes no sense. Which was what I intended. I think.
Yet another true event.
That same day it happened, I lost 5000 yen, got it back, flipped out at people, calmed down, lost my wallet, and ripped my pants in a slightly awkward manner.

The pants ripping was once in the comic, but I took it out because I felt like it.
Somehow that didn't make it into the picture.

But this was fun to draw too. Though it was a hassle to color.
more octopus arms.
I totally cheated on the images.

You can tell by the fuzziness.

Now it frustrates me.

and I totally spelled spontaneity wrong. Because I can't spell properly.

Hooray octopus arms~
...yes, he went through that non-existent door outside of the panel.
yay fence hopping!
This was really, really fun to draw. don't know why. but it was.
It's true.
Seriously, jumping the fence makes everything so much more exciting.
Glowing people~
I decided that it was the best way to express nighttime.

and yes, the bad 'coloring' is done on purpose.
We start day 3.
Because cake is yum.
Yes, that is a wallet.
And yes, It has stupid significance.

Another one of those sort of true events. I lost my wallet. Then someone found it where I didn't expect it to be.
Illogic sometimes makes sense.
Because procrastination is awesome.
Another random one.

Another one of those that came out of nowhere and act as sort of space-fillers.
Offset image.

I should fix it.

But I don't really want to.


I'll fix it. Sometime. Not now.
Again, True event.
The first time it happened to me, ever.

Pretty much all I remember was that he was creepy and he smelled bad.

And that it happened at freakin' 7:30 PM.

The world is odd.
I have no idea where this came from either.
A moment of spontaneity and vampire comics.
Don't partake in illicit activities, kids.

I and easily bothered by underage intoxication and drug consumption. And when I say bothered, I mean like, I will flip out and gripe and be in a bad bad mood and go borderline psychotic when around people who do that sort of stuff.

Thus I made a sort-of joke about it.

But it's not really funny.