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A 12 year old geek who loves Pokemon, comics, drawing, Discord, and Nintendo Switch. I'm on the Smack Jeeves server, and I'm online a lot. So if you have it, contact my Discord at: all1e#1046
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*Sobs in female gender*
Perfectly balanced as all things should be
Looks neat so far tho
I can already tell that the first panel could easily be a loophole if you zoomed in on it
Ah, Melon is only level one, may wanna level him a bit Red.
To Zapdos: Was there any real reason to joining the team besides just sitting around?
Oooo I have a phone mic and free time! I would love to help out (i already requested to tho... but like j-just a reminded lol)
Is... Is harden the only move Shelly knows..?
Ah yikes. That last panel is me on a Monday morning.
Go Poochyena go!
Oh my god the dialogue is hilarious
Well I mean, if ya see a sign that points to 'DEATH' with an arrow, might not wanna go that way...
You don't use force for everything, Briar.
Making biology into a comic? I never thought I would be excited to learn.
Just me, or does Kaiji's sword kinda look like Cloud's.
It's about time she figured it out.
Ooh this looks interesting.
Huh. He dislikes comics? That's funny considering he's in one.