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A 12 year old geek who loves Pokemon, comics, drawing, Discord, and Nintendo Switch. I'm on the Smack Jeeves server, and I'm online a lot. So if you have it, contact my Discord at: all1e#1046
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That first panel is just every cave in a nutshell, honestly. XD
I wonder if they make repels in the pokemon world... hmmmm... :thinking_face:
Dang. Not even her mom. She is... she is one rebel if I do say myself, just SENDS SHIVERS down my spine.
Aw, this is cute. You've just got your first fan.
Wow. Kyle must be a really fast writer considering he doesn't have opposable thumbs.
Pokeballs exist in this world... imagine how easy it would be for somemon to kidnap some kids who think they're getting transported somewhere. Be careful, kids, don't get into pokeballs with strangers.
I can relate to this... Oh so much.
Based on real events. I actually burned my assignments after school... heh heh... school just ended yesterday for me. Me and my friends... had a very interesting Friday.
Wow GG we already have a Sw&Sh comic. I can already see Wooloo and Yamper being caught in this!
Wait you think this is cruddy? If you're worrying about it, don't. Because I still really like the comic!
Those smile nipples tho
I love the new comic cover btw
Oh my god she looks great. Charlie is still... a green blur to Milo XD
This doesn't look like it's gonna end well at all.
Charlie and Milo's Mom sounds like my parents. "You tell your little friends goodbye and go. To. Bed."
Thought of this idea last night.
Is Charlie evolving or did she just swallow a flashlight.
@youngcannibals: That why his hair is so red?