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A 12 year old geek who loves Pokemon, comics, drawing, Discord, and Nintendo Switch. I'm on the Smack Jeeves server, and I'm online a lot. So if you have it, contact my Discord at: all1e#1046
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September 21st, 2019
It’s always “How are we going to get rid of this thing?” and not “How is the thing?”
*Sobs in female gender*
Perfectly balanced as all things should be
Looks neat so far tho
I can already tell that the first panel could easily be a loophole if you zoomed in on it
Ah, Melon is only level one, may wanna level him a bit Red.
To Zapdos: Was there any real reason to joining the team besides just sitting around?
Oooo I have a phone mic and free time! I would love to help out (i already requested to tho... but like j-just a reminded lol)
Is... Is harden the only move Shelly knows..?
Ah yikes. That last panel is me on a Monday morning.
Go Poochyena go!
Oh my god the dialogue is hilarious
Well I mean, if ya see a sign that points to 'DEATH' with an arrow, might not wanna go that way...
You don't use force for everything, Briar.
Making biology into a comic? I never thought I would be excited to learn.
Just me, or does Kaiji's sword kinda look like Cloud's.
It's about time she figured it out.