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Ah...Description pages...Catering for the needs of stalkers since Nineteen-O-Seven. I'm a 17 year old dude who lives in South Africa. I feel somewhat uncomfortable disclosing details about myself to totally obscure people, so I wont!

Anyway, read my comic...NOW. If you don't, may the runny diarrhoea of a thousand pigeons strike you directly in your mouth.

Have a good day.
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That is some scary shit.
Okay. Again - sorry guys. Just been so busy with stuff and haven't found much inspiration or time to update. Alt F4 will return once I'm vaguely stabilized, but I dont even have a PC where I'm going so yeah, we'll see what happens. Hopefully Jamie can update a bit more though in the mean time.

EEK. Okay, sorry for not updating. Just been uninspired, unmotivated, busy, having shit going on, seeing friends who I'm probably not going to see again until we're both about 25, so making comics has been slightly low on my priority list. On top of that, I'm going overseas in 19 days so I'm getting ready for that. Busy. Anyway, will try keep the updates coming better from now on.
2 things:

1. Awesome animation - really impressive!

2. Nice first panel - very different to your usual style, but nice - it looks great.

1 more thing...Really sorry for not updating much lately..I dont know, just been uninspired, run down, stuff going down, I'm leaving the country in all of 20 days so I need to spend time with my parents and don't have too much time to think/make comics/be inspired to make comics. That sounds lame...It takes all of 10 minutes to do, but still - lack of inspiration/...a word I dont remember which basically means I dont feel driven to do more comics (brain melted). I will keep updating though...shortly.
Lolwhut? Interesting :D
December 28th, 2008
Lesson 1: Never bitch and moan to your readers about your shortfalls/issues. But seriously. Rawr. My throat looks like a bong apparently, not that I would know what a bong looks like...*cough*...

PS. 80 pages yay.
This amused me, but then I caught on and realised you were dissing me. Damn you. Damn you indeed, my awesome sidekick.
Heh I was just about to make that point you just did, Jamie. But seriously - celery kicks ass. I love the stuff. Dipping it in stuff makes it awesome-er. Imagine going on a full celery diet...Yay.
Okay here is the comic. My stupid ass internet died for about a week for no apparent reason, so I couldn't update. Thank the lord for Jamie. I've been thinking that if Jamie and I teamed up, we could try update 5 times a week, but at the same time I'm kinda weary of having a set update schedule as it can take the fun and spontaneousness out of it. We'll see :)
Hooray. And update from me and I think officially the first drawn update I've done using the tablet :) I reckon if Jamie and I work well we could start churning out 5 of these comics a week. What'd people think of that? Hope you all are having a fabulous day *cough*. And I also hope none of you are religious.

P.S. Check out that sexy detail in the lower teeth in the first panel. Oh yeah.
Great comic :) Very different and easily one of the better comics on SJ :)
Epic. :D
lolwhut? I like this :)
What the fudgecake? Dude you said you were going to sleep like 12 hours ago.
Hehe, rad, Jamie :)Glad to see you're posting stuff! I may update now too :D You know what's funny though? The amount of energy you get out of a Red Bull is about equivalent to that of a mug of coffee :P Still can't believe you don't drink the stuff...Tsk tsk.
Haha, glad :)
Funnily enough I've changed my mind about it. I'm not going to use that page or the page I drew after it (which hardly anyone saw anyway). I dont like the art or setting - it just didn't work.
Hey Jimbo! :D

Nice work! That was pretty funny and very pretty at the same time :) Very glad to have you on board. That single comic of yours must've been liked because it jacked up our fan count by 2! :D Success! :)


PS. Rawr indeed...though funnily enough I found the first panel the most funny :P
Sorry for the low frequency of updates, especially considering I haven't been having to worry about school or anything. I'm going to work on a buffer now so I dont have this problem. Just not feeling so motivated about AF4 right now. Enjoyzorz.

PS. Technically it should be HIV and not AIDS but most people won't notice. I hope.