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@DarkFlameOSecrets: Thanks friendo~ It was such a relief.
Sorry for the long wait for the update... I have been struggling to look for a job and focused on that.
But good news I have found a job (sandwich artist at Subway) but this also brings me to new point, my uploading schedule will probably change due to my work schedule. So as of now I will be posting on Wednesdays (i've informed my employers that I would like that day off because of a reacquiring appointment that I can't reschedule). I'll work on sketches during my off time and try to get a decent ammount saved up so I can just outline and post. Now on the off chance I have another day off or I get off early I'll try to post then.
Not the greatest thing I've done but I didn't want to fixate too long on it. But I this is most likely do to me not exactly planning pages so I'm going to try and do more planning for future updates.
No page today... i had a job interview today it took up most of my drawing time add that with i struggled with exactly what to draw so... have reference for my Alpha Sapphire MC
Your page layouts are really something I e joy but this one is one of my favorites. The 'like a snake' always gives me a chuckle.
And heres page 2 for the day. Hope you enjoy.
Due to weather issues that lasted a good majority of the day, I couldn't post an update. But I think thats a good thing since this is a normal comic page.
Also yeah I know the title on the cover is wrong. It will be fixed...
and if you're reading this in the future disregard this moment of derpness from the author.
Introducing... mom?
Oh the famous questions...
I always wondered why the Gen 3 kids start in a truck?
Read through the whole thing, cus I remembered coming across this a while back... and now my heart is buried.