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As much as it's nice seeing Debbie doing the right thing I can't say she's earned an iota of trust that she's actually turning a new leaf.
@Chrissy Either way it makes him look like a coke head
Ruby is back in business
Better be ky cause I think they'd probably legitimately pull it off
Hopefully she does anyway, she just needs to stop.
The concept of Debbie being in love with Emily would, to me, be contrived at best. It just feels unnatural, whereas her just really valuing Emily as a friend seems like the far more realistic approach to this, not every close relationship has to go beyond caring for someone as a friend.

I think it'd also serve better as a take on people who form relationships based solely on surface superficial, and overall fake crap, and when the real people underneath finally meet each other they realize they aren't really good friends at all.
People don't realize but Holly is just so smart and omnipotent and that this version of herself is all just a game. She's playing 10D chess while we're stuck playing the next Konami pachinko machine.
I think Debbie isn't really full blown bigoted as much as she's extremely self centered. Not that it'd matter much in the end, no matter the reason for bigotry, offensive attitudes, or whatever else it's still shitty and you deserve to be judged and viewed as a bitch for it.
Ky better be wearing a monocle or I'll be sorely disappointed
Something Ruby This Way Comes
I'll take what's behind door number 4!
Eh you'll probably be fine, just stay in a good vibes only mood.
Why does Aydin look like he's about to go play in the snow if you catch my meaning?

Also I can't help but feel for Ky in every way, it's a shame to see my favorite character be so miserable and I would really hope he/she/they can find a way to at least get to wear some guys clothes.
Get fucked transphobes, your petitions are meaningless
They're just amiable and innocent characters, their airheadedness makes them by nature free of bigotry and therefore hard to naturally dislike.
Ngl all this suspenseful foreshadowing has me more than mildly concerned that things are going to start going bad soon, things with this prom did seem to be going a little too well so I guess it should be expected, I just hope it all turns out alright in the end.