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Heya, Kid. Don’t worry, I’m not the Geno Sans. I’m just a guy who enjoys Pokémon and Undertale comics. I value story and art style both the most. I try my best to support the artists who put their art here and give as much of my opinion as possible. I’m a bit of a writer myself, and I have some stories but my art skills give...somewhat of a desire. Also, I don’t exactly have the technology to create the art styles I want (textures and inking) so until I can get the skills and technology necessary, don’t expect anything but comments and feedback. If you are an artist who has lost the creativity of a plot, don’t be afraid to contact me. I can provide a new plot or build on an existing one.
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And yes, I apologize for the paragraph comment.
I Love this comic. More than I love a good pun.
Flavia-Elric, I can’t help but to applaud you for not only taking a repeated idea, and then making it your own. The title is anything but what this comic is. As for your art style, the comical, simple look hides a massive attention to detail, scaling from an eye pigment (even a shade of gray) all the way to the facial complexion that is always given to each individual character. I’m very, very excited for this comics progression and more of Rayne and Lux because oh my GAWD they are adorable!!!
*Ahem* Very well done overall.
This is amazing.
I couldn't think of anything better. This comic is just better and better. Also, the style of Wartortle was an oddity for me at first, but it has grown on me, and this panel is FRICKIN ADORABLE.
Please tell me that the underground’s “code” is messing up. That’d be astounding
Dude Lethal is a Saitama right now
That damn face in the third panel is my life.
1. Leafy is probably not exactly sad, just deep in thought. More than likely about Flare.
Best art style and skill for that adorable portrayal.
April 25th, 2019
Any doubts of the fact that the squirtle was the same is gone with the name. Gunner? I get it, you changed the name from Ammo to Gun but come on. and WAIT A MINUTE RUNNING AWAY FROM A TRAINER BATTLE THAT’S ILLEGAL *WEE WOO WEE WOO*
First you steal a Pokémon then you run away from a trainer battle. What a hardened criminal.
^ Just about to say that lol @ajgv554
I don’t mean to be the echo in the room...
But the last panel has already been placed as a favorite in my phone.
Also the ship of Nidoran and Lux is yes.
I really hope that those bandages heal soon because every time I see Ronald I internally start singing a certain song...

forgive me
April 11th, 2019
owo those bones are blue it’s gotta be Pap as a training guard. Because, again, this is before the human fell. @jellyfishin
To be blunt, That vote for the two was 75% for Alf, but anyway... >.>
April 4th, 2019
Angery Sans is Angery
@29CuCopper Your profile picture is matching perfectly here lol.
Sad to see them go, but I love that this actually uses my idea: if team members want to leave, they have the individuality and power to do so. Thank you, SysterSyn, the art style and the flow of the story is amazing, keep it up!
April 2nd, 2019
Kill the rat. I literally have never hated a character from the underground more than I hate this rat. Holy crap, well done, because I’m supposed to hate him.
This might be a problem for both Lazuli and Leafy. Probably if that arcanine shows up, people should get the Speedy KOed counter up or prepare for Lazuli and/or Speedy to go off.
I mean, brutality is an issue, but still. When you think about it, it could be just a threat or something he’s done before. I wouldn’t take any chances