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@IcyPheonix: In most cases when a hero is struggling with the concept of morality, it tends to be brought up when inflicting harm against the enemy. The people of this world (for the most part) aren't openly hostile in any way too her. So I just assumed she meant the creatures, not the human's.

It also came off as odd, because she'd basically be declaring War on a world she knows nearly nothing about by herself. But I guess rage does cloud your judgment in the heat of the moment, so good thing she kept her magic in control...
@SamRose: Oooh wait, your saying she doesn't want to act like them, and hurt people Here. The wording made it sound like she didn't want to hurt the creatures from Her world.
@SamRose: Does that imply this race had a civilization that was know/worked alongside the kingdom in the past? Because she's talking like she has sympathy for them, which at this point, most people would not.

Or would that be Spoiler's?
...that's uh, confusing statement. She kind of already used force to blow up several of them during her escape.

And what did she think would happen if she managed to get help? They'd talk the creatures over?
I can see your sister is a women of Culture.

Enjoy the Puppy Love! (lol)
The sad part is, even if she got help, there would literately be nothing they could do against magical creatures.

Worst part is she Still doesn't realize there's no magic in this world, and she's basically stuck.
when you have no idea what to do. Yeah, we can all relate.
@monsterlord: Been playing the Outer Worlds lately. I can attest to that, and that it can get So much worse if we let it.
Well I was half joking, but I'll give her credit for not immediately calling security.

Now the question is, how well does Noah know his red tape?
I swear Noah reminded me of Alucard from Castelvania.
"I see, please fill out these form's required for starting an international incident."


"you'll need to sign these as well then."
"Is danger normal?"

Only if you decide not to Live On The Edge!
A vision of your past life flashes before your eye's.

Your filled with, DETERMINATION!
An unregistered immigrant stepping into city hall?

This'll end well.
I really like how he's just Totally okay with her asking about the obvious.

I could just see him thinking, "She's never heard of car's? Maybe she's Amish. Or...nah, that's way too crazy to think about...". that the main character from that comic you were planning?
hmm, I haven't done Public Transportation in awhile. Do they actually take Credit now? Or is this some kind of near/far off timeline?
...wait. She's a princess, but she's never had food that good?

Was her kingdom like, ridiculously poor or something?
Scrambled Egg's with Pancake's? I can see he's a man of Culture.
uhhh, do princess in her world not need sleep?

...hmm. do princess need sleep...sounds like a book title.