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I love to do drawing.
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    Eric nguyen
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No speed have the momeri of black and forst from the past but could been friends long ago so you may be right
Wait I was wrong I think I see this on DevianART
Wait I can see the Pokémon from adventure never end comic from the same person PKM 150
I believe they wail find out what speedy did all this year
No u wrong look closely they are sitting by differ tavle
She the girl that sound like Lazuli
Oh I know who that girl is but forgot her name
Flare is so ☺️☺️☺️
He still doing college because for one he need to past and get better job that he wanted and for two if he fail he have to start over again that no one want right? So let all wait and see what happen when he pass and we all need to support him as best as we can because he’s need it
Do the date do the date you can do it be brave and date speedy lazui
Plus speedy will now know he was eating chocolate that.he didn’t know this hole time