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I have always been incositent about my name and my spelling. However, lately, I have gone by Lilith Black.

I am not very good at drawing yet, but I hope to improve. I am planning on putting up some sort of comic here soon. But that is unlikely.
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December 2nd, 2008
Cool a new theme!
Sweet, poor Ren, almost had to leave his stuff behind.
I guess we all have those days, love the page though!
Gasp a chicken demon so frightening!
Go dingy corridors ^o^
ohhh he sawww
lol, that's funny
Take it off!!!! Woooo! Yes Cole strip him down!
September 28th, 2008
ohhh awesome!
September 24th, 2008
yayaya You updated!! Everyone is saying that Ren loos older, but why is Cole's memory of Demon!Ren have shorter shorts? -blush- That's just the Yaoi Otaku talkin, but it is really really great!
-Grins- Good thing you are going to update soon-ish because you left at such a chilfhanger!!
That's okay! Keep it up, I am going to check out whatever else you posted! ^^ Good luck on the contest!
Poor peoples, >< this page looked fine. Seriously!Keep going, and thanks for updating
Good for you!! Go to art school, I heard its fun!

So he is going to escape just him. GASP!
Wakey wakey! >< they are so lucky he doesn't sleep like me, I would killed the person and gone back to sleep.
Aww, poor Ren, his daddy is a pysco...
Haha, yay, plot thickens even more! Great page!
An interesting plot twist, dun dun dunnn!
But the cage looks fine, the bandage fell off... ^^ Is Ren going to go all demon on their butts?