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An insain dorky writer
Far to much free time
currently working on a project called
Failure Five
~a superhero webcomic to be drawn by hmdangel
And some homestuck fan stuff. Oh god fandom what have I become.

A leo with a happy go lucky personality always up for a challenge.
Likes to focus on all kinds of diff rent characters and what drives them, from dark hero to bubbly villein.
A very open person always looking to learn and understand, and holder of a verity of taste in all things.
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Welcome back, all ways glad to see an old comic I love come back too life
Sadly it wasn't until recently I even noticed how bad bullying was. I feel like it was a failing on my part, but I always Saw or read things on tv or books that showed these ideas about bullying that I always though was either over the top exaggeration or rare case.
Then I started making friends with people I didn't grow up with or go to high school with and slowly realized that, fuck kids are cruel, and for no real reason at all.
Then the other day I stopped and just tried to examine what made me different, why I didn't get bullied when I was a kid, as far as popularity went I have been every where, from the strait-A top of the class, to the popular kid that everyone wanted to be friends with, to the quite sit in the corner and read, the flunky that can't make a grade, and every where in between.
As I looked at it, I realized, it was there, all through out my life, and it was mostly just my obliviousness that shielded me from it. It doesn't matter really who you are, you probably have been bullied, and have been the bully.
Even when I didn't realized it, I can now see places where it subconsciously cropped up, like my old hatred of the color pink, or fervent dislike of wearing dresses, ever.
I think, it is just people in general though, our inability to actually know how to interact with each other, the fact that we are all so different, so hard to predict, and it is even worse at young ages, because we don't even know ourselves. Everyone is a victim and everyone is a bully to some extent, and I like how you display it in your characters. That utter lack of black and white. Hell not even shades of gray but an array of complex colors and textures. We are all human, no matter where we are in life, we hurt, we lash out, we hide, no one is immune and it shapes us.
December 25th, 2011
And thus we get into why alcohol causes nothing but problems XD
Your humor is amazing. <3
It's comfy and looks good?
Damn don't you hate when that happens, You pass out during the really good part because of a massive concussion and probably minor internal bleeding.
Just started reading this, must say you are a pretty amazing writer, I don't normally go for high school romance.
I Think that was a compliment
March 31st, 2011
Aww that's just mean Pastel, a trick question like that.
I prefer it when the scary shadows are less murderous. It's just so sad, I mean with the whole two dimensional thing it is so hard to fulfill those desires
March 30th, 2011
Whooo! Grab your torch and pitchfork! Because nothing is scarier to uppity civilized folks then an angry lower class mob with primitive weaponry. :3
Oh my god....sooooo cute. <3
March 28th, 2011
Awww, I'd give him a hug but I like keeping my fingers.
oh right. BOOBS!
But I lurves it all ><
March 19th, 2011
Lol, hopefully her luck starts looking up some time soon then. So are we back to the beginning of windfish now?
March 16th, 2011
No love for the captain. Even when she's only trying to save her crews hides.
You have to wonder how bad the girl's houses are if this is where they choose to spend their free time.
OH wow Gail is actually showing some insight around Tabitha. Yay Gail!
Gawd I love your expressions.