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Ouch, how can she keep going? Are we talking pure adrenalin rush and she is coming off the high just now?
No words are spoken but so much is said in so few panels.
Yeah, that's not foreshadowing in the slightest.
Oh yeah, sure this guy was just on time and didn't set this up.
This going to get darker, isn't it?
August 21st, 2019
Thank God some things never change.
@arnisd: Thanks for the link, and I think that leaf really shouldn't be on the team, because we know who doesn't like that mon's company.
Aftet all that beating and she still cares.
This rate your going to make this Mewtwo more amenable to humans than other pokemon.
Kid must have practiced a lot
Kind of makes sense if you think about it, they only have their selves as references. More than likely they took the 4 legged canine pokemon and Anthropomorphize them.
Even in this form paps is just too precious.
I wonder if complex say the same thing as the other AU's?
Water types should not be on fire like that, not unless they breaking down molecules of the hydrogen oxygen makeup. Was this guy eating thermite or something?
I'm going to get the popcorn for this flaming train wreck. Anybody want something from the concession stand?
Whoa, he looks a bit like Klonoa. But with a gun instead of a ring.
Don't stop now, I want to see all this pain and suffering lead to a happy ending where all the lost come back and the humans are still Monsters. What can I say the design on the brothers is worth it alone and oh God your Undyne is pure goddess. And then there is Metatton, Hes like a dark David Bowie and I love it.

But I really wanna see fish girl and her happier times.
Wow, just wow. That is why?!