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Mewtwo's face in panel 3 is just absolutely beautiful. I can't stop laughing at it
Jen is Sure taking it on the chin. She really is covering up just how badly she's hurt on the inside.
How bishy of his hair, makes me think final fantasy hair for some reason. Not the straight flat hair of Final fantasy 7th sephiroth, But more like the hair of Titus from final fantasy 10.
Thank God it isn't dead!
Yup, I was right
I knew it would hurt, but the Sense of relief that you can seem both Darkrai and Mewtwo's face speaks volumes.

After all this mewtwo should take up Wes' advice and start a company or business with a partner as the human front.
I'm calling it now, it's going to hurt regardless.
Anyone notice about the fact that hes actually using his voice and mouth instead of his telepathic abilities? But then again at this point if he dares try it he might burn his own brain out. Let's hope Darkrai can fix this, and fast.
Jen is still trying to process what just happened. Doing the only thing keeping her sane.
@Shotgun Chuck
What? You know the point of PMD is that you go from human and are stuck a pokemon and the character growth, that is what makes me stay for the story.

Wait, nevermind just read the rest.
Hoopla, that is noce and all, but that doesn't answer the question, you are either a pokemon, or you are not, which is it?

I think she just got herself into another leg of the adventure, I really can't wait to see where this goes. Then again I'm also hoping that whatever hope let did spilled over into the human world a little. More humans turned into pokemon suddenly. It'll get more interesting that way if you ask me.
@Shotgun Chuck

Well I for one think that this is going to require a story in of itself. And that means that this isn't the end of the story we still have some loose ends that in to be tied up and each of and can be an adventure In of themselves. I for one look for To seeing more. But yes I do believe 9 tails has some karma that needs to be addressed, and particularly how much negative karma she built up over the years. Ninetails is of she right? Either way yes she may have cursed the kid when he was younger in some maybe round about justifiable way, however the end result did lead to all of this and that in of itself is unjustifiable. 9 tails must be made to understand its position and just how untenable it is.
Well what do you know, I think she is going to meet someone important, and I mean really important, Arcues? But then I think the gear and the flower is going to be the new relic.
@SmartTurtle04 my guess would be actually help her, but with a condition about something happening to her, possibly permanent pokemon form for all humans. Or something along those lines where Jen is just gave up being human ever again to save the world. The wagers is at least another 100000 poke and a Date with your favorite pokemon, make note however I did not say you could be human when your on said date.
@Ikki (Guest)

Whi said anything of Jen being the to make that decision? Something tells me she won't get to have the choice


I think the most likely situation would be that hoopla decided to turn more than just the world and its image. I think he may have gone after the human world as well and made it into the image of all pokemon. Given what I saw of the movie that's a possibility anyway.
Oh my God the stars
I think we've achieved star child status here for poor Jen. Gonna again that is the alternative I would have over what I'm thinking is going to happen. And I pray I am dead wrong about that part. Self sacrifice anyone?

None really, but then I am not that good in that department.
@Ngamer01 yeah I just saw it as well. Let's hope he isn't going to backstab her, if anything I am hoping it benefits Jen by making sure ahe is a permanent pokemon with all the other humans out there.
Is it just me or is Jen channeling alot of power to the point thatbecause her eyes glow like that she might be stuck with some of it for the rest of her life? I can see it letting her be able to talk to Arcues because of this.
@SmartTurtle04 Blame auto correct being messed up.