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That how all the brainstorming sessions are going to have to start.
Wes, N , Mewtwo, Alakazam, and Lompbunny and her team? I can see them trying to brainstorm a plan or solution or at least by time.
@CIR (Guest) DON'T SAY THAT! You are tempting fate and God!


Okay seriously! He needs Jen more then ever! He needs to be her partner, he is already living with Gengar and Jen, he might as well be part of the team at this point! I mean it may not work out too well, but lets face it, we need a stopgap measure of some kind to buy Mewtwo time, and knowing the Genie is still out there with a favor he can collect at anytime, we don't have all that much to spare.

I say we get as close to something even if it is only partially successful, we need time here. Say, did treasure town given how it expanded into an almost full city before it was burned, was there any pokemon out there that would have been a possible equivalent to a Psychiatry/therapist? Because we need one right now. As for Lovrina and Mewtwo's frustration over the situation, we need something to bring everybody back together, I say we have a pokemon battle with Lovrina and maybe Wes as the Pokemon and Mewtwo and Darkrai as the trainers. It would be all kinds of cathartic but I would probably a good release valve on the pressure, Please for the love of God let's see somebody turned the humans into the pokemon battlers, and the pokemon as the trainers.
@SmartTurtle04 I like be hopeful of people.
I don't know if me to his line or fees really good at figuring out things from books. Remember he said he looked up Sigmund Freud? At that point it makes me think he may have gone to at least red other psychological books and potentially that on body language is well and given that this is the pokemon world I bet you there is a body language book by psychologists who study pokemon or something to that extent as for not being able to red dark type mines my guesses as other people of pic before either a listening and talking thing where the dark type is able to listen with can't talk back, Mewtwo is vibrating the air to make his voice for everybody to hear, Or you has miracle eye at a limited effect.

Just crazy idea on my part but I can so see Mewtwo Getting a college degree in psychology at this point if not physics you could also do well what's the to sticks even though he doesn't do math very well in his head. Given all that he could end up opening his own practice as a psychologist for pokemon especially shadow pokemon or start up his own company mind you hes going to have to use a front like the nurse joy he did in the movie to act as his proxy.
Currently the numbers 42 including this one.
@Person (Guest) Yeah, Lovrina did that to him.
JEN, GIVE HIM AN HUG! Something, anything, something to show him that you wish you where his partner, that you would do anything for him like he would do for your sister. If only so that he can know that he is wanted and not like a weapon, but as a friend.
Jen needs to be Darkrai's partner. It might be the only way to heal him fully.
@Guest: And in the enemy they have roosters as well as other things out there that show that there are non pokemon animals. For instance the deafly have secret Cher's in a couple of the movies that show up that are not pokemon if I remember correctly and there are fossilized remains of non pokemon animals that show up so those could be the main sources of meat.
People, whole village who where made undead or vampires but still hold their souls and still of the faith? One would hope so.
@comercole: I didn't expect to see you here.
@SmartTurtle04 It's all good, what matters is that all this leads to back to the theme of redemption and forgiveness.
No @SmartTurtle04
I mean he HAS to do this, right now he is on stage 3 and 4 of grief really. But for him to save himself, he needs to let go of the pain, find a partner in Jen possibly, someone who won't abandon him or hurt him again.

But once he forgives her, which is what I think will break Loveina, he can have that healing he needs so badly.

As for hitting that breaking point, I think it will drive Lovrina nuts trying to figure out his game when all it is isn't any kind of plan but him trying to cleanse the poison that his anger and hate has caused him and others. I can see Lovrina trying to figure it out until the point where it finally drives her nuts and breaks her mind. Only then when she is nothing but peices can anyone start to help her. It is less growing up really and more understanding what she did wrong and fixing it. That is my hope at least for these two.
@SmartTurtle04 Darkrai forgives her, it is the worst thing he can do to her because it says that she is beneath him, more so th as that it is a cleaning of the poison that is in him, be it Literal or metaphorical, he needs to let go or else it could keep building up in him and could possibly kill him.

And Darkrai and Mewtwo? Darkrai uses Lovrina and Mewtwo uses her sister Jen, Wes who is getting good at this, or N who might feel like he could do this to understand pokemon even more then before?
@SmartTurtle04 he needs to understand that he has the right to choose his partner, and that his partner needs to be worthy of him, Lovrina is not worthy of that. Let her be on the receiving end of things and have her understand what it was like, even if she is a sociopath or psychopath, she should understand what he went through, maybe she needs to have a partner who can foce her to be a pokemon, I have a feeling she isn't going to be able to be human anymore and maybe that will be the Proverbial straw. One can hope she can see. Because she needs to hit rock bottom...hard, and fast. Maybe when that happens and she learns, maybe, just maybe she might get some sympathy and the ablity to earn that trust back, but as the pokemon with Darkrai as the trainer, can we get fan art of Darkrai in a train outfit like Ash ketcham and a very annoyed Lovrina as the pokemon being told to battle and do a move. It would be so much poetic Justice even if it isn't going to be can in the story.
@Neutronicxz (Guest)
Wow, I didn't see that, nice catch.
@SmartTurtle04 Number 1 because I can see Wes and Lopbunny using that on Lov all the time now as an annoying reminder that will never get old fornWes to use on her constantly, for me anyways at least. PLEASE SULFURBUNNY! Have Wes and Lopbunny use that on her, the combined might of those two's snark will be unstoppable!

But yeah, these jokes just write themselves.
@SmartTurtle04 I mean "Oh my God!" Because that burn was biblical!

@Hudlgypuck (Guest) It's just you, he doesn't look that girly if at all. That stuff with the face markings on the fur.
@Guest95 (Guest)
It was a freezer burn! XD