This Is So Wrong
It is wrong on so many levels.
Who here thinks he is going to try someing raise your hand!

*Raises hand*

Mind you what he does I will have no Idea.
Serously, she is like the most Fabulous super villain of any PMD comic out there!!!

But really, they way she takes charge, the way she is soo crazy and how we love it, how she treats every single legendary no matter how powerful they are save for Arcius. It is almost like one of her parents was a human turned pokemon who stayed around. It would explaine the reaction she gave him with the look of pure Annoyance when Mewtwo tried to read her.
oh dear
Is that who I think it is? The big bad? The REAL big bad?
Seriously, is sheen medical school or something? I mean, is Jen a Psych Ward student? Somebody who's going to go into medical psychological fields?

@Dragongirl101 Team Misfits does fit them.
You can do it Jen.
You are the most empathic person here, I know YOU can save Darkrai from himself and from what your sister did.

Speaking of sister, is she still curled up in that one room still in shock? Because we know she must be up to something at some point.
Lol, That Kid.
The girlfriend comment made my day. The look on darkrai's face after that was just pure gold.
I don't blame you @Shotgun Chuck

It is the samething that I hate about the steaven universe fandom who almost got someone to kill themself, it is the same toxic culture that you find around Sherlock, Supernatural, or dare I say it Doctor Who.

Now I am not trying to bash anyone on their favorite things, but come on people, have a little moderation?

Just because two guys are friends doesn't mean you HAVE TO ship them, why can't they just be partners in a partnership?

Save the shipping for putting N, Wes, and Mewtwo with pokemon girlfriends. Just imagine the Shenanigans that can come of that, the awkward moments, the cringe faces, the laughs, it would be pure gold. That thing that happen when a guy is forced into an awkward date situation. It would be glorious!
It is like they are brothers, family, what more can we ask?

I can just see it now with these two xhecking out the local girls.
Uh oh, big bad?
we all need to learn at some point.
Yeah, I have to say, Mewtwo needs the crash course. He has potential, but he really needs to polish up those skills of his.

Lets hope this bunny girl can not only set him straight, but get him to learn from his past mistakes.

On an unrelated not, I don't know if anyone else sees it, but Lommpbunny reminds me of Undyn from Undertale, all she needs now is to suplex boulders and have a red head of hair.
@Alice Holy crap he is pulling off a Substitution Juitsu, sorry, it was too easy not to do the Naruto weeb thing.
Don't Sell Yourself short Mewtwo.
Given what you had to deal with and what little information you had, you did pretty good. Mind you, you do need someone to balance you out.
The scarf was purple in the first cover.
@Guest and we just had world war meme 1 and 2
They grow up so fast.
So she is really coming in her own. So I bet she is going to be with Mewtwo's team, so that is what, 5 or 6 going? And I wonder if Gen's sister is doing that still in total shock thing still?
What? I'm proud of morrgan, she is putting her child's safety ahead of her own. What mother wouldn't do that?
life is never easy mewtwo.
I think, but don't quote me on this, Jesus said something about forgiveness and how it is something you need as a cleasing of a posion, a festingering that needs to be cleansed lest it slowly kills you on the inside.

Forgiving others is important Mewtwo, but right now you need to forgive yourself, no matter how much of a face you put up, you are huring and blaming yourself won't help in the long run.

And lets face it, N will be staying a pokemon even if be gets back to the human world, no doubt about that, i will blame hoopla for that, but lets hope N figures out how to use those shapeshiting powers to look human, and I bet it will be because N takes on Jen's shape by pure accident.