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Go to say that this is answered climactic, I call BS because this is the opposite of anti climactic. Take a look at his eyes and look if you can see a sole cause at this point I don't see one or at the very least I don't see if I can see 1 that's buried under whatever it is that's keeping him in that dead like state. Seriously though something is wrong with mew 2!
OK now I'm starting to get really worried. If Jen turns over mewtwo and we see no face on him then I know something seriously wrong is going on here.
That kid is soo adorable, she reminds me of my niece.
Is there a zombie uprising or alien space clown invasion keeping new comics comimg?
I would be very surprised if she accepted, but then I wonder who ends up finding this place by accident.
I don't think that is Mewtwo, if that is Boss Kitty then they might be near the blackhole.
Crying is only a short term solution at best, what you need to do is do something to fix the situation and that means keep going. Right now you gotta at least finish the mission or find the others to help you.
At least she didn't lose the artifact.
This sort of reminds me of the 1st few pages of the comic. And in one remember of the point when Jen showed up and woke up under that tree? Anyone recognize this tree that she's under currently?
Anyone get a doctor who time vortex feel off this?
Once more into the breach.
This is so going to get heavy isn't it? O well at least let's hope that they survive this and N gets to be a pokemon permanently.
Anyone else notice the crack in the last panel of the black stuff? Also a badd feeling should be listened to at the very least as a warning that something might be up and precautions should be taken.

A cup of all this check out MU to and how he sleeps with his tail over his eyes. Makes you wonder if you can sleep in a bed thou.
What's this? An early update? What is this? Christmas time? Well I'll take it.
If Mewtwo is kind of correct on the math then that means they have a schedule in a predictable timeline to go through means that they don't have to worry to much outside of of running clock that isn't going to speed up or down on them.
Anyone else getting a Kingdom Hearts Vibe out of this?

I would hope so but then again I'm also open to a filler page where all the all characters are wielding keyblades and that would be an interesting little crossover just because of this page here. Imagen what darkrai's keyblade would look like.

Anyways, Jen is going to need help to help Darkrai, anyone know who it is?
It never goes away, all you can do besides hope and pray as you struggle with it is to keep going. You have to know that there is Providence. And it is worth the stuggle, it is worth it because there are others that care for you and that is something you must work for.
Counselor troi
Seriously, Gen is either a genius when it comes to psychology or she's just that natural at what she is as a pokemon.
Anyone else get the feeling that mom's gonna end up with this one angel? If nothing else it'll actually fit her character if you think about it.
I pray this comic keeps going.
Darkrai, what's wrong?