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@SmartTurtle04 Yes, I just believe that Darkrai can only see it from one point of view, and that there has to be more, we have seen pokemon in cannon that can act very human without humans being around, there is other stuff out there that show off pokemon, what I think is that Darkrai is only stuck on only one aspect of life as a pokemon.
Who is that between butterfree and metagross?
@SmartTurtle04 I won't deny the Point that you got there. I just feel it is far more complicated and far more nuanced than what Darkrai is saying. I don't say hes wrong I'm just saying hes not exactly right about it either. There has to be more to it.
@Guest In a way you just made my point about the subject matter. Human social cues are way different than pokemon Social cues.
@SmartTurtle04 I loled.

Also what Darkrai discribes about pokemon? It sounds a bit like me in my autism. I'm not joking here either. It is kind of scary to be how much that statement reminds me of it. Or that is just my Autism making connections that are not really there.
@SmartTurtle04 Abso-freaking-lutely, or at least on the space Mewtwo thing, it is just him taking local stuff to act as an over exaggerated meteor. As for pikalibre, that is a whole leauge by itself, think the fake stuff of how showy it is, but is actually mixed in with real fighters fighting for real prizes and such. Think wwe/wwf if the fights where never scripted.

Also what Darkrai discribes about pokemon? It sounds a bit like me in my autism. I'm not joking here either. It is kind of scary to be how much that statement reminds me of it.
@SmartTurtle04 Just hoping you saw it, given how people can just move on to the next thing, I just wanted to be sure. Also I see all thr fighting like how they treat it in Detective Pikachu, like one-on-one boxing matches. More over I think Pokken Tournament is the best example of how the fights should work.

To paraphrase Mewtwo from the first movie. One's form is irrelevant, it is what you do with it that matters. I believe humanity is capable of such good as much as bad, I like to think the Good parts of Humanity can transcend whatever form we have no matter what. Look at treasures town and the huge marketplace they had.

@SmartTurtle04 Yeah, I for one am kind of hoping for a best of both worlds ending really. Especially since Jen made good friends with Darkrai, Ganger, N, Wes, Mewtwo, and just about all the other pokemon. Also did you get my last post from last night?
Something tells me that even if Jen does go home she's gonna regret that decision we don't know what our home life is like especially with families like. What if she's in a family that Has some serious Tice criminal organizations pushing look what happened with her sister and her brother. What kind of parents that she have that allowed for that sort of thing if they did allow it. At this point we don't know enough to make it a decision so until we see what her home life is like let's hold back on that decision.

Lets us not forget that the protagonist of other Mystery dungeon games didn't go home. The 1st one probly didn't wanna go back because he probably died, Living as a pokemon May have been his 1st only chance at life that's my speculation by the way. Then there was the one who came from the future which let's face it that was no future to live in period and finally there is the 1 at the end of the last game. I keep telling everyone this is going to come down to a damned if you do damned if you don't.

I still think Jen maybe better off being a pokemon for the rest of her life because some people go with the dysphoria, It is miss Bhatt as some people make it out to be as long as in a minimal case. It's the extreme cases that we keep hearing about where people commit suicide, It is the extreme cases that we hear about all the time in its all amount of the person's character. Humans are the most adaptable creatures in the world and we eventually will get used to something it is just a matter of time depending on a person.

But for most of us with darkrai describes, It smells like something most of us humans do for the rest of our lives, And a good chunk of us don't find that piece even in human form, Us humans are very good at being adaptable and getting used to something, it takes a lot, some more so then others. However there is fleeting happiness and then there is fulfilling spiritual happiness. The latter is very hard to get, and most of us almost never find it till the end and even then.

To simplify it, sometimes what we want isn't what we need, and what others think we need isn't what we need. Darkrai may have a point, but there is a good chance that he may be very very wrong. Besides, I thinknhe might be a bit on the bias side of it.
@SmartTurtle04 Plus you can have art done by humans that can not be replicated without a huge amount of effort.

Also the stadium idea I was thinking more like Pokken Tournament in the yearly fights. And I can see the city open up whole streets sections for street fairs and farmers markets that pokemon from other regions come together to go to. Like the yearly fair here.

And yeah, I can see sooo many Adventures and exciting moments with the art alone.
@SmartTurtle04 Here is one. Pokemon art. All based off the classical art of the great masters, none of this contemporary/modern art since all modern art is trash.

And yeah, I can see pokemon trying to steal all the good art. And yeah, those Corrupt pokemon cops won't last long if caught. More so if they go after the art exhibits.
@SmartTurtle04 That would be an actual interesting thing to see in particular to see how they treat the jails. S for corrupted cops I think they're going to have somebody at the top that's incorruptible and does not allow for leeway on that respect. Look at the cop in the village when medichan punched gangar.
@SmartTurtle04 Well both the human world where the pokemon series takes place AND the pokemon world both use the same currency it seems. Pokedollors or Pokeyen depending on the language. But it seems very universal to me and yeah. I can see alot of that, more so in the human world where a rich man or woman leaves their entire fortune to their pokemon like some people leave theirs here in our world to their cats or dog. Only in Pokemon the pokemon can somehow communicate with humans especially if psychic and is able to make decisions about said money. I can see so many Gardivors being owners of mansions or have holdings in huge corporations. Come tax time they are like the rest of us. As for the Delibird, yeah there should be an army of them running around collecting money.

@WiispNightmare HOLY S**T! You're right! Each one could be in charge of the hot, cold, and other food items. Like Ice Cream stuffs!
What Darkrai said about battling, It sort of fits in nicely with my idea of the whole stadium in such involving the entire city comprise of humans turned pokemon and need to do something since they can't seem to get back home, but their home came with them. @SmartTurtle04
That's like something right out of The Bible.
@Junion (Guest)

I can so see we are going with this at the very least. You say it in best terms possible almost like somebody is able to get the ideas right of The Bible and clear it up for the rest of us.
Wow Darkrai
It almost sounds like hes reading something of a Bible, at least for me it does. It almost sounds like something out of one of the Chapters involving fallen humanity but with less other stuff and negativity in the way. But given how his life has been prior to this I would not be surprised given the nature of him.

As for his partner she sitting right there at the table next to him all ready!
I wonder if they figured out if N and the others are human yet. Medichan I know knows Gangar and maybe Jen are human.
Star Wars reference inspiration ahead
Seriously though. Its a rather simple yet elegant design that works. Look at the way hes doing it just like a satellite dish or the dish that was on the death star.

He definitely saw Star Wars, I just pray to God he never sees Anything outside of love extended universe legends canonical timeline, including the video games, Kotor 1 & 2 for life!

@keter Some of the pokemon shout out their attacks in the anime of mystery dungeon so what attacks have the word ray in them?

@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if N is. But only because hes been reluctantly forced into it by someone on one of the other teams.

@Shadow-Charmeleon That is some Kingdom Hearts level stuff right there.

@Ngamer01 That feeds into my idea of the comic I'm hoping to get someone to help draw. The idea of an entire city vanishing because of a pokemon artifact causing the great war that lieutenant surge from the 1st game and anime talked about.
@SmartTurtle04 I like it I like it. Anikin all tie in to the artifact the caused all this in the 1st place. The idea is that somebody was able to go to the pokemon world and steal an artifact and a powerful one effect but nobody told the scientist that so when they started experimenting, boom!

Anyway the artifact that was mentioned earlier could be the catalyst for why the whole city and everyone in it was transported to the pokemon world. But yeah criminal organization like that will Definitely try to take advantage in the chaos no matter what. And I bet the whole adventure would lead out of the city to find another artifact to protect everyone and stabilize the first one. Maybe get one of the major Legendaries involved, but in the end you will still have the mystery dungeons, just not as dangerous.
@SmartTurtle04 Simple, the coty and the parts of it that became mystery dungeons and the areas outside it like the farmlands needed to keep food supplies flowing into town. The trade the former humans need to do to survive, the reorganization of roads and what pokemons can use in transition like busses or trains that could still work. Like the underground DLC of the game "the Division." That dlc is practically a mystery dungeon just with lots of shooting and looting with how others would reach the parts of the city that are mystery dungeons.

But yes, a focus on say a trainer and his/her team becoming adventurous explorers part of a guild trying to reclaim what they can to make life better for all the pokemon including the legendary pokemon to keep them happy so they don't level the city. To see their struggles and also having to compete in a tournament either for rank or for items that helps them in more dangerous situations of a dungeon.