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@arnisd: uh oh, when did that switch happen? Never mind, I got a more important question, is that the same person from the power plant?
She is trying to waste time, not knowing that some knocked over the hour glass. Unless that is part of her plan.
Oooh, we got a WWF thing going here? Will we see an ultimate warrior pokemon equivalent?
June 21st, 2019
Being a Judge is worse then jury duty.
Oh you poor innocent fool, I can't see him in pain.
Ohhhh, so it is a heat of the moment thing and we are going to see everybody else on the ground?
@arnisd: Then that just begs the question, who is bill and his family?
I hope they have berries for poison.
This kind of reminds me of the Laura Croft witchblade and Aspen crossover comic.
Oh no, poor Papyrus, he deserves better and he actually is trying to make things better.
@Moon creecher: I would say possibly, but I wonder if he was born a pokemon and made into a human later?
@arnisd: Uhhhhhh! Was his human past the lie?
O this is so good to see you back again and now you're pulling a knife on an elderly woman. This day can not get any better.
@arnisd: Did you just change your icon for the comic? Because I was looking for it and thinking what happened to it and then I saw this on the latest and I thought when did I subscribed to this? I take it to hide the legendary that was in it?
Does anyone else find it weird that the gym uniform is bikini as with girls in and and cute ones at that?
What a B*tch, I like her, And she's pragmatic to boot.
I don't know why but it looks like a real shirt she's wearing that you can get out a Walmart. I love a good pokemon merchandise that looks like it you can buy in the real world.
Looks like someone needs to get some discipline, I definitely needs to be denied or hes gonna get more spoiled.
I love this Pinkachu.