@Shotgun Chuck: nope, not a chance.

And that is one way to brake the ice, tell Embarrassing secrets about other people in your group. At-least now Jen has blackmail material.
I think Lovrina is finally realising that she is getting a huge dose of her own medicine.
Yup, He looks like the pokemon version of GrumpyCat @DatGuy_(Guest)
How do you do it?
I am really jealous of Darkrai, how did ypu do it @sulfurbunny ? Because you made a pokemon in a fancomic have what I want most. Nit to be alone.
@Nashey @PJSam @starelement

Given how much Mewtwo is doing some hindsight, it seems everyone is doing it now.

So am I it seems.
Self reflection and learning from mistakes is so important, and I love how human you made mewtwo here, but I wonder what rayquasa was doing to not lay down the law on mewtwo?

Also if you read up on Frud,the man may have been brilliant, but his history gets scary when you loom into his political afflictions and some of the ideas and people he hung out with really gets frightening, eugenics anyone?
Also before I forget to ask, where was Ash in the comic?
I don't get the Ash hate, the same as I don't get the hate for Ghostbusters 2.
Seriously, sure the kid is far from perfect but can you give him some slack? If you must hate, hate the writers that are on the show now, ever since the first writer died, yes he died just after the 3rd or 4th season, the writing staff has be stuck in this rut.

I say go back to the darker nature and tone the show had then, it would fix alot of issues, and Ash needs to win at least one main league or it will be a trope and you know how bad that gets.

Really I think Ash was his best in pokemon Heroes, where the love story between him and latias was the most believable movie romance i saw in a while. Yes I said it, I am sayimg a romace between ash and a pokemon is more believable then most if not all hollywood ones. What can I say, I am a sucker for altoshipping since I can see those two be an actual couple.

And I wish we had several episodes of the time ash was a pinkachu, that would have made some good story tellimg.

So I may sound like I am giving praises, i am trying to be fair about this. Ash isn't perfect but you don't have to pack so much hate on him, beside, he is just the tie for the comic, games, and anime, NOT the focus!!!! If you hate him that much, go read a Torture comic of him being gender swapped in the most creepy way ever. I know one where team rocket kidnaps ash and sticks wires into his veins and mouth to turn him into a girl, or the two where ash becomes a pinkachu.

Well, rant over. Let's just go and enjoy the flipping comic ALREADY!?!?!?
Insert Attack Of The Clones star wars Reference
The look from Mewtwo on panel 4 and Darkrai in 5 says it all.

Really, these two could join N and start up a drinking club for people/pokemon who tried to distroy the world or take it over.

And Darkrai? What you just discribed is what us humans have to go through on a daily basis a test that is lide, sanity, and of what we do with our lives. In other words welcome to the human race.
So we are going to see a flashback to the first pokemon moive and the time he spent with Aia?
The worst thing he could do is let her live, and let her live forever as a pokemon.

Also who is going to pay for a new door for butterfree?
Darkrai, I'd like to introduce you to the doctor, you two have a lot in commen, lets have a pint.
Please don't let that be her soul.
I really hope SB is playing us based on our expectations. Because really, if that's not the cure I'm going to take a guess that is her soul, and God almighty, that thing needs a cleaning bad.

Also Mewtwo bloody, seriously buddy, you need to get into some training with a Lucario and learn some much needed marshal arts on top of his Aura abilities. It might save you next time if you don't have your recover move.

I just realized something, who's going to pay for butterfree's door? I bet those things are not cheep.
Ah, so that's how she wants it.
I see the sleep seed tied to it. Yeah, that's one way to do it, is it the right way? Are you freaking kidding me?

Really, I think this takes care of the idea that these two are not her family.
@Noobaraptor Where's Paragon Commander Shepherd when you need him? He could use that sliver tongue to fix this.
Well, That Could have been worse.
Seriously, Mewtwo getting pimped slap? Let's pray to God AND Arcius that this is as far as it goes. Right now they need all yhe help thwy can get and need to find a way to get Darkrai to help in a way that will make him happy with thw outcome. Like say the sister is going to stay a pokemon forever and be forced to answer for her deeds.
Yeah, I've got nothing.
Seriously, I have nothing witty or insightful to say.
I pray this child gives her hope, but as someone said,

"Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are."

Augustine of Hippo
Limbo music is so Appropriate
Strangely enough I think I understood all that. I'm not sure how are you understand it but I do. What's more I'm surprised didn't go with the whole surface tension idea or the fabric like a moving time space. The whole surface tension of the water being time space and things traveling across it and then at the black-hole could-be the world pool. What's more as you can also state Fulton universes are like islands but then again ahead of myself and going to ideas that are far beyond the relevant situation Still kudos to you suffer Bunny. You make things so much more intressting this way and I love how you were channeling the doctor in to mewtwo in the last panel of the 1st page ,Seriously I wanna see a pokemon mystery dungeon comic at least some kind of pokemon comic of some sort with the doctor in it And hes surprised by the fact that people have perfected tardis technology in the form of pokey balls And humans no less.