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These two would give Light and L from Deathnote a run for their money, but really, how much you want to bet the kid between these two will end up turning on them and turning to God, especially if he or she needs help for someone they care about?
There has to be a loophole! There is always a loophole or some way to trick a genie.
You better put stipulations on this one Mewtwo, Chances are hes gonna want something that goes against your code of ethics if you have any. I'm saying is I better have precautions and wiggle Room or else you're gonna get in some serious trouble with him later.
There is always a price.
Nice lord of the ring ref.

Also uh oh, I was wondering when he was going to show up, and I bet he is going to be asking for something in return.

@Malc Modnar
He most likely watch the movie. That and maybe watch the Batman eighties films. Then again I may just watched a lot of eighties films giving out awesome they were. Bnd if you want to say no he cannot watch those because they're dumb look at something like The Secret of nim. Carton movies from the eighties were scary as get out. Remember the star wars quote?

@broccoIi Don't you mean he would be running the Iris? Because at this point The only difference between the internal revenue service and a scam is at least you can be to scam. The Irs is nothing but pure evil
I see the one on the left is nervous.
Double panel and a dirty joke, did I die and go to heaven?

I ask because something like that has been missing from most things I find funny outside of the comic and 4chan when I am feeling Cathartic.

@somerandomguynumber1 I think you just described how people get into the tardis when it lands in doctor who.
Her eyes moved that one time, so she hanging on by just a thread, lets hope there that it is one of those space elevator threads.
And their is that nosey lady again, why is it she gives off such a vad vibe to me.
If she survives this, she can survive anything at this point. Really, as long as the braincells are not dying and maybe she has some added protections from it because she bonded with an angel she might have been granted a little passive resistances to hold out.

That is my hope
September 30th, 2017

Outside of the blood on the walls, it is better then my room.

And what is this sob planing, I know it is not good, but what bugs me is that he seems to be having his Plan coming to fruition. And that is something I really don't want to see happen.

If nothing else why do I get the feeling that their might be a third player in the mix?
September 30th, 2017
Oh good God, you better not be foreshadowing what I think you are.
I can see mewtwo with a pie tin, some dough, a rolling pin, and a smile on his face as he makes the pie crust next to an open oven all the while he is doing this in full view of big sis as she is writing down everything lime mad so as not to be turned into pumpkin pie.

I can see jen helping by sharping the knives.
@Malc Modnar
This is why I am boob man myself, and I prefer athletic females.
Mewtwo sees through her Machivellian schemes. But really, just how much of 4d chess does Mewtwo think she is playing?

I still say she WAS human or the child of a human turned pokemon.

I think I'm gonna paraphrase my favorite Quote from the pirates of the Caribbean movies. Was she planning this all along or did she just make it up as she went?
The Irony is thick with this one.
Well, Mewtwo knows true loss, he was out matched and out skilled, Darkrai is being cute again and his eye sight might be now Another chekov's gun, and finally our favorite human turned pokemon Lompunny(I still think she was humab once unless otherwised confirmed to be either a yes or no, or she is the child of a human turned pokemon that settled down with someone.) is getting a taste of her own medicine it seems.

Fired? Wasn't already done so with the ghost brothers?
Here come the Hysteria due to mis or lack of communication. I hope.
I feel like some kind Of training montage music might be appropriate here. Also I so love the fact that Gen. Is trying to concentrate on new move but I'm betting anything it'll either a backfire spectacularly or succeed over enthusiastically. The end result will be just as big an explosion of awesome.

Wow, she(lopunny) is stubborn? I wouldn't have guessed. But here's something no one has ever thought about, Has anyone ever thought about the possibility that lopbunny is actually a human turned pokemon that decided to stay?
Why do I have a terrible feeling that she's gonna go all chessmaster on him? But then again I really do wanna see mewtwo teacher how to play chess.