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So Wes can be a Gentleman, I wonder if they will get along a lot more? Manily I can see them talking about their pasts and how they have changed. Makes me wonder what Wes' old life was like.

If I had to guess, all three on the same grass bed, each one is in a separate bed and they have some other pokemon with them, or it is one of the three (N, Wes, or Mewtwo) on a couch like spot, someone with their face in a bucket, and finally one of them ducktaped to the ceiling. That last one is the one I am really hoping for.

Don't you mean tail? :)
[Insert Party Hard song here]
>That feeling when you "PARTY HARD" so much you can't remember how you got to bed.

Seriously that is funny, G reated hangover, now we got to see where Mewtwo, N and Wes ended up, I bet they get a house that looks like mew's head.

At this point it would not surprise me.
I don't know why, but the two shooting stars in the last panel make me think of kingdom hearts.
Mewtow is afraid of her because he realized just how much of a mastermind she is as well a master manipulator she can be. Makes you wonder if she used ro be human herself or is the child of a human whobwas turned into a pokemon and mated with a pokemon. Because when you can't go back, you go native eventually.
Looks like a den mother trying to protect one of their own.
@artificer urza: yeah, the reboot reboot is bad and the guy that made it screwed up big time because of a failed tv show he tired to do Prior and well, there are youtube documentaries that people did of how bad the situation is, as for Voltron, it WAS good, untill recently, they are pandering to tumblr and it is going into Intersectional identity politics and it just ruined EVERYTHING for me.
@Midnight_Cat: I think he knew from the start and is trying to find some way to save her.
You can see it, even the angels are not infallible, and that little thing might be getting to everyone, you can tell that these two brothers are feeling the pressure and it is getting to them, forneach of their respective situations.
I don't think he says the lord's name in vain. He may mean it when he says it like I do, a short prayer begging God for Patience strength and forgiveness of the situation.

Also I could say the same thing about MICHAEL my self, guy is like Donkeyota seeing devils where there are windmills. To see him lose that mask of seriousnesses is more shocking to me, he actually has a tiny bit of my Sympathies with that last panel.
You make it cute cuddly, and most importantly, like a family member trying to comfort a relative. Better then how some here on this sight would make this soooo inappropriate with something else that I dear not mention.
@SmartTurtle04 I Doubt it, if anything she would make sure that Mewtwo forms a team with N and Wes and be all motherly proud like making it all "I'm so proud of him" and be ultra sappy about it.

@Truefan108 Truer words have never been spoken.

Russell if anyone hasn't noticed check up the sky background. Sulfur Bunny has really used the starkel idea of how the scale used to look before all our light pollution Made it different. I really hope so for Bunny does a very big full page view of the sky with possibly Mewtwo and Jen looking at all the stars in all it's naked glory.
God this is so cute, I'm just waiting however to see when the pokemon girls go after Wes and N and at that point I would love to see Mewtwo laughing like crazy, myself included, at their uncomfortableness, or those two trying to get away from a group of pokemon girls that someone used attract onbut made sure those two where the target. No I'm not shipping at all. What I'm saying is I just wanna see wacky hijinks with mewtwo N and Wes
@SmartTurtle04 you got me there.
I bet the cupcake is blueberries.
Love how gangar is making amends.

That is really insightful, goes to the part one has to deal with the pain they suffered, PTSD is not fun and takes many forms, and you needed to release it and let it out or it could have killed you.


Thank you.
Darkrai: I hated you, why did I hate you?

Well it's simple really, it's either because of her sister or because you were jealous. Either way if not both it really shows character development. Also congratulations now you know that part of being human, Jen showed you the other way.

@SmartTurtle04 Yeah, you have a point there as well.