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Uh oh, Where is that 4th wall breaking powers when you need them?
I just love how you make each pokemon look so personable and unique even if there are multiple versions I bet
@arnisd: Maybe so, but I for one find it a very blurry line. I still subscribe to real world animals being in the Pokemon world, the Creator and the show writer wanted a real world T-Rex for an episode about cloning, like the whole Helix shell and such. Yeah it got scrapped, but I still think there has to be a base, look at the names used, The mouse Pokemon, the bat Pokemon, etc etc, that to me leaves to think there has to be more to the world. But it is also possible those kinds of animals are extinct in some if not a good number of regions. I love all these talks we have, so many ideas and debates that lead to something that I wish I could think of but my brain just derailed.
@Kingfish: i think he is going to force her to be turned, better then that other vampire story.
@SarahN: because of the sliver content of mirrors at the time of their creation?
October 16th, 2019
This is going to end so good, i just know it. -_- Famous Last words list, here I come.
@arnisd: I know, look at the manga, Professor oak has his pokemon kill an Arbok in half!

However I take those Dex Entries with a large grain of salt. I think a ton of times they are just there to entertain the kids.
I bet they hate the Internet when they get to that age.
And the worst haircut of them all. For me anyway. OK I'm bitter because she has the cool RC car remote thing from rainbow 6 siege.
Something tells me that there are going to be intercepted.
I feel sorry for the both of them, one is practically pinkie pie but starting to get pressed because the other is too afraid of her and the worst part is pinkie here can't figure out why. If there was only some way that they can understand.

You mean like this?
There's a famous RPDND list of famous last words. It is mostly for the Palladium books Rift RPG. Things people say juat before the GM drops the hammer on them.
Possible overconfidence?
@arnisd: There needs to be a balance, plus where are the carnivores going to get their meat? I like to think teal world animals do exist in the pokemon earth. It would explain how they eat outside hunting fearels. But this almost feels like Cannibalism, at least if it is sentient, that is almost disturbing.

At least with fearels and real world animals you cen get away with a lot. Just imagine miltanks with rasing cows, or wookoos or Mereeps with sheep. It would be very surreal and I love that light amount of surrealism.
Definitely one punch man in theme
Suddenly I'm hearing the song from one punch man.
Ya!!! I need my good comic fix.
1st words out of her mouth is going to be papa.
I expected more boot to the head like that 1 comedy skit