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Can we start donation drive to help out?
If it is not too much to ask can I get a translation on each language please?
Like looking into a mirror.
And Darkrai just faced down his darker half and veat it down to protect someone that he cares about as well as that person caring about him.

Remember that feeling, it isn't about the power, it is what you do with it, and as much as you intend to use it for what.

Spiderman said it best about power and responsibility.
Gangar is still less cringy then most youtubers. Myself included.
I was afraid of this, let's hope he was able to take out the bulk of the problems.
At least he seems more coherent this time. My only issue is just how much is he capable of burning before he Burns out. I do hope that he can at least take out all but if not all at least most.
This is going to get good.
How much you wanna bet it's either Los Angeles or not olympus? Although I have my best bet being it's on the other side of the planet of where the 9 rings were physically. Kind of like a Ying Yang effect My best guess it would be somewhere in the mid West of America or the rocky mountains
I am calling it now, a new statue is going pop out after Mewtwo beats all the statues. It will be a statue of Mewtwo in all three of his forms and the rest have to take it. That is the best case, and mewtwo is going to be outcold.
Why do I have the feeling the song megalovina is about to play? All we need now is a Judge and determination.
Yeah....I am calling Shenanigans. Also I'll be very much surprised if there is a statue of Mewtwo to there. I wouldn't be surprised if past humans turned pokemon statues are there making them to be even more difficult and harder than the legendary with statues. Think about it, humans with that much determination with power behind it capable of overcoming even legendary pokemon as pokemon themselves would make a perfect sense as the final challenge. This Room is only the test for said final challenge. I'm calling it anyway that way.
@jayseesall: Actually that's not a pretty bad theory, in Fact it's pretty good. Seems to be more sound than what I have.
I'm thinking the spiritual covalent of a Coma, And suspend animation where the body is pretty much not decomposing, I'm calling it here
Nice Battle montage.
Why do I suddenly hear make meglovina in the background?
I can see the monotony is starting to get to him and that's not a good sign to having happened this early.
Lets see what happens.

@dragonwarriornoa (Guest)
Well, this is a bunch of story arcs and we will see others take the spot light, right now the focus is on Mewtwo, but given time it will change back to jen, ganger, or even team charm.
Wait, what if lopunny is Arcues in disguise?
I swear this Bunny is such a showman.