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We don't need a hero here girl.
I wonder
Is he the brother to the celebi from victory fire?
Well at least it was an orkie fight.
Oh man, this really is getting heavy. I wonder why the eldar child hasn't turned?
This girl, The cognitive dissidents is astounding.
Wait, if both where locked, did she pick the lock instantly and the same with the computer?
This is not going to end well, is it?
Looks like the ear is in one piece again.
Why do I get the feeling that there's gonna be an explosion bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined?
OK seriously I have to ask.
Did they just evolve into Minecraft creepers or something? I ask because the taste of thing makes them explode now like the creepers.
@Harangue: That concept alone just made me change my pants. Take a mouth God taking control back bacon been the absolutely devastating to the point where no wonder nobody is catching them anymore.
Is that a five pack or a ten pack of Ultraballs?

Here is the game, manga, and anime I was talking about.
Mewtwo so needed that.
Okay, I just noticed, look at the symbol on the base! It is the same as what Hoopla told Jen!
You not only Were able to express my feelings about this world, but you also tapped into an obscure anime and video game about people wanting to destroy the world and not save it as the main characters and protagonists. Mind you by the end of the story they did save the world by halfway destroying it.
Is that an older Jen from Victory fire, or am I just reaching?
Ooooooo, how kingdom hearts!
Hold on a second, didn't the human who's now pokemon used to be able to read human script? I think of that kind of knowledge I should not be lost or at the very least if it is then it's under amnesia. But even then most people can still read even with amnesia, So I'm calling shenanigans. I like to hear the explanation.
Wow, someone definitely is sure of themself and not over compensating for something. But that's just my opinion call seriously where do you get the time and money to make stuff like this?