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A Finnish artist fascinated with dark fantasy, erotic grotesque, beautiful horror, you know all the good stuff.
Here to give you comics <3
You can also find me on Twitter & Instagram as @haltijakapala
@NuutGirl: Poor thing had to climb like a million stairs, I'd probably be dead xDDD
Apologies for my mini-hiatus there, September did not really give me a break xD I hope October will give me at least 5% more of a break than September, but let's not get our hopes too high...
This was a real struggle for a page, all that swirly stuff and endless stairs. BUT SOON we will know where they've arrived finally.
@NuutGirl: Thank you for the kind words! I will try to not stress about the comic too much ^^
@NuutGirl: Ufufufufu, soon we will find out >:3c (and by soon I mean hopefully by the end of the year xD)
Another page, yay! And I also have other good news! Me & my pals Rikkisu & Yölamppu got a table at the Helsinki Comic Festival's Zine Fest, 7th-8th of September, please come say hi if you're there!

Next page will proably take a while too, since I've got a lot of non-artsy work looming over my shoulder, but I'll try my best to get it done as quickly as possible, exciting stuff is ahead!
@NuutGirl: They are! For me, they are everything! xD
@NuutGirl: (´ω`*) You're too kind!
Next page won't have more new characters, I promise! XD
I feel sorry for my humans since I put so much much more effort into drawing them pointy ears xD

HEY BTW: I have a web shop now!

There's also that new art book of mine there, the one I talked about a few pages ago! Please have a looksie if you want ^^
Oh no I didn't notice you had updated until now! Stupid me! Looks promising >:3c
@NuutGirl: Oh nooo! i thought I answered this comment, but apparently not! I'm so sorry :'D I'm still not dead, yay! And next page is almost done, too!

And thank you, we are going to be seeing what emo elf is up to for quite a few pages now xD
Hello, I'm not dead! (*´∇`)ノ
I've been way, way busier than I'd like, but finally I got the 14th page done!

I will be at Ropecon's dealers den in a few weeks from now! If you're there, please come say hi! I will have a few Paths of Avarnight thingies for sale and an exciting new art booklet! It has a lot of sketches and bigger pieces of many characters of PoA (most of which you haven't seen yet... ^^')
Follow my twitter for more updates:

...Because I'm not sure I'll get another page done by Ropecon x'D
First of all, I'm so sorry I suddenly took this three week or so hiatus :''''( Getting my other project done took longer than I anticipated, nor has June been gentle to my schedule xD I'm afraid the best I can do this summer is aim for two pages per month, try to bear with me ;'(
Adal is a brave gal :') and next page will be interesting >:3c
@NuutGirl: Dad is not the most diplomatic of people, yeah xD
So much talking on this page :'''D

My pace might slow down a bit for a while now because there is another secret little thing I need to work on <:3c But I'll do my best to keep the pages coming, something fun is just around the corner!
Whew, here's another page! I can't think of anything witty to say ^^'
@NuutGirl: Thank you! It came out better than I expected xD
First full spread yay (´∀`;) I had a really good time painting this, each colour page seems to be like that XD too bad I can't put colour on all the pages
I almost made it! I'm sorry, I didn't actually make it xD
Next page will be a big one, can't wait to get to it :>
Easter took its toll on the updates, but finally the seventh page is done! Now let's see if I can get the eight page done by the end of the month... . . ..
@NuutGirl: Yeah, father is a bit narrow minded like that :'(