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Likes one book on this website only
No you would be a geek-An enthusiast of a topic
@TeranganPkmtrainer: well by definition ab outsider is someone who does not belong in a group and by definition i don't think your an outsider(calm tone)
@TeranganPkmtrainer: sense he's an outsider are you going to TRAIN him of our customs
@WolfWrath24: i cant tell if thats sarcasm or not
@LunarheartsWishes:i think he was just trying to let 8-BitGlaVee know he's not the only guy who's reading this comic who is from the UK, and there was a slip up in the comment/reply system. its terrible for mobile user's.(calm tone)
@Entity_51:i don't think she learned about it as crystal and her brothers were hatched into this world without parents(calm tone)
@Flareon1225:looked at the table placement at a previous page and it looks like it
@DreamOfNightmares: the in between waiting for the next page moments like an addict waiting for his next fix (in a GOOD WAY and pkm the longer you take the more quality your content has so you have clear and concise thoughts too you don't see people with sleep deprivation running marathons)
@EpicSignal: when did it stop!!?(cheerful tone)
@SkyRaider_Eclipse: i guess your gonna have to rant about burning the world and give a newly formed lobotomite some weapon schematics (fallout reference)
BrimazKing: so by definition we favor him as an idol for his art and the way he temperaments his characters that he's brought to life through the weaves of his mind in a bundle of creativity and accomplishments and we should praise him for this wondrous creation of his. Or something like that right?
@Excalibeon-Z:no you were not i noticed that too
@PotatoKing249: it makes logical sense so i agree
I sent him/her a message via this website instead of trying another reply but i found it by clicking there name and then it gave me the option to send a message so thanks for your help The outsider