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I'm short, chubby and very very gay.
I love drawing, reading and wasting time and money.
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oh, ross, I'm nerding out hard here :D
only took 2 years? my laziness knows no bounds.
Moved again! Hopefully I can build my queue back up this week!
Witch can transport them from one empty white room to another.
I'm not dead!
and this isn't an april fools joke! Life has gone to hell for me, but now that I've lost my job and home, I got lots of free time to work on comics. Crashing with my sister currently trying to make ends meet. Gonna be selling various things on my deviant art, so check it out!
My art computer died a while ago and I haven't had funds to fix it. I'm currently working on adding programs and scanners to my gaming rig, but life has gotten in the way. I plan on posting more pages within the upcoming months. Please be patient, I appreciate that you enjoy my comic :3
hey, my birthday's this weekend! :D
so I was fortunate enough to catch the lovely Tessa Stone doing a sort of meme on her Deviant art page, so she drew a very slick wight for me <3
made zu's mouth too girlyyyy! kiss his luscious lady lips!
so wednesday is the new update day... upday? hopefully I'll rebuild up the queue so we can go more frequently than once a week!
Love the empty blankness on the bottom of the page! It loves youuuu!

The end of the year is coming. I've always told myself to never make resolutions, because they'll never be followed. "loose weight, Get pretty, be loved!" the commercials tell you, and people inevitably follow their siren song. Not for me! I set goals all year long! Perhaps I'll set one near the end of one year and the start of another. But it is not a "new years resolution" it is a lifetime resolution!

My lifetime resolution is to work more on the comic in a more expedient manner! I WILL draw more than one page in three months!

What's this all mean to you? well, for one, at the start of the new year I'm going to change updates to one a week. Heart wrenching I know. Why? I haven't been drawing pages as fast as I've been posting them. My queue for the year of 2010 is a meager 3 pages.

And I'll set a lifetime resolution for you readers. Comment more! Let the artist know their work is appreciated. Some of us spend a lot of time honing our abilities, drawing, scanning, toning. while some readers sit back quietly judging. I as not for marriage proposals, but for a simple, "I heart that character!" or even, "So-and-so and stick it up there ass and spin on it!" or possibly, "I like cookies!" just let us artists know your out there, observing their efforts!
So we're nearing pages that I have recently drawn... so perhaps this is a ploy to extend my updating schedule, or perhaps it's just that SariB is awesome enough to draw some holiday themed art that would be ideal to post on this day? Nothing like dressing a cluster of sacrilegious characters in clothes with a religious holiday theme! My only regret is that I don't have a depiction of anyone wearing a yarmulke for the start of Hanukkah.
No one has ever accused me of being a good speller :D
I've had a lot of ladies proclaim their love of chimera when they find out about his tongue. Sadly acidic saliva would ruin any good time to be had.
I like drawing zu wearing weird things around his neck. This time it's an extension cord.
Since tomorrow's Halloween, here's an extra special fan art! The wonderful Sari is not only one of my biggest fans, but also my best friend. This is her awesome rendition of Voodoo she did a few Halloweens back.

Now if you'd like to submit some fan art to be posted here, drop me a line at pattyannboyd at hotmail dot com!
this appears to be the last page I have in my hard drive at this point. If I find the other pages I'll scan tone and post them. My goal is to resume work on this series so let me know if you like it.
100 fans yo
So I just noticed I hit 100 fans. So as a special bonus here's some art... it was drawn as a gift to one of my best friends, Bear. Took me two years to complete, mainly due to lots of healthy procrastination.
Toned by co-author, nikki
Last page by Nikki. Back to my own toning after this.
Toned by co-author, nikki