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Hello my name's Kavi and I am an Internet Addict. I love to read comics, play video games,and chat with friends. In a moment of boredome 'Stuck with You' was born, and will live to haunt me I am sure. In my regular life, I am a teacher though I am off work right now, waiting for the next stage of my life to begin. I am hoping to go back to school (never thought I'd say that) and I want to finish my teaching degree. Writing is my passion, which is how I got past the ovious lack of artistic talent. My winter plans include taking over the world, if you'd like to join my organization, by all means ask, taking over worlds is a tough business, and one needs all the help one can get....
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January 3rd, 2011
Yay a page!

@bananakin: Yes, they have been disgraced, one must do the honorable thing... or at least one must try...
We have 50 FA.... whoa, whoa, wait... screw you, screw you all ....


Go Mess with us on the forum guys, the tumbleweeds are taking over:)
Suicide Deer! w00t w00t! Here comes all the politically uncorectness you can stand!
Sweet, the suicide deer appear!
It gets stuck in my head so easily!!! *starts to hum* I like the cuuuuute skunk!
Sure, just GIVE away his life story xD sheesh....

I love how this page turned out, FLys even better then i thought
HIdden moral of the page: don't litter in the forrest, it provides stalkerish bunnies morbid oppurtunities.
We is back baby!
Brilliant as always, +fav
"As a personal favor" lmao, this comic rocks
Your brilliant, +fav
I dunna Ricks, that bear looks pissed 0_0 and yeah those are the parents, blissfully unaware of their children-I thought it rather realistic xD
Aww, sorry it ticked ya off. I think you did a great job though, I love how you did the bear and the parents, and it came out looking so very great ^^
Whoa, stunning....
Wow, laughing so hard. Greatest random scene ever, and the implication that this is not the first time a giraffe has stolen his Cheetos....
Your art is unbelievable 0_0 I must keep reading >.>
I wouldn't be surprised >.>