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I like to stay home, turn on AC, eat ice cream, and relax all day long. Feels good :D
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wall contact can do lots of stuff
o sh** here we go again with the killings
Flare eats a sitrus berry and instantly gets a little better wish it was like dat in real life
dis has turned to anime :/ hell yea
oof dis a mystery dungeon now ??
welp CC bout to blow the whole place up :/
might even see some graphics
so this whole page is related to the thingy from like a previous chapter where the thingy controlled an eevee which turned it into a flareon ???? me in confusion.
im pretty sure the only reason black was doing a t-pose was that he THOUGHT he was finally gonna get a hug :C
@Allbergerman: dat just made me realize dat we only have 5 main chapters :/
@Allbergerman: yea but still can trigger "sylveons rampage"
@Seevee: more like just bring darkrai :/
speedy is always the one causing troubles for everyone :/
@Flareon1225: he teaches himself. hes gota control his own eye.
wow, 500 poke for an eyepatch dats like a little expensive for an eyepatch but alright :/
wonder how big the cake is :P
lemme guess the crystal cave contains kyogre.
correct me if im wrong
if not den i still know my pokemon games.
welp, u learn something bout pokemon every day. and how fluff is used :/
@The outsider: nope speed is on top of black or gai cant tell lol.
sylveon is now the kraken.