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I would totally love to come back! : D I just need to quit be lazy -w-" But that shouldn't be too hard......
Aw Ed! Don't go D:
I love this story so much <3
and you're school is already starting?! We don't start for another month!
-Michigan, USA
oooooohhhhhh he looks awesome <3
haha I log on and it's like, hey look! someone posted
xD grabbing her by the ear~
ha. haha. Kani xD you look pretty <3

zodiac and romance C:
Haha I love crazy old men <3
Aww that's so cute I'm about to cry ;-;
So like... I go onto my favorites. scroll down a little and am all like "HOLY CRAP!" Lady and I were just talking about Blood Donation and how there hasn't been an update on Friday and like... yeah. Magic.
-Points- haha bucket '3'
I love how worried David is. it's so cute <3
The foreshadowing scares me though D:
I got so excited when I saw the update I almost got up and danced C=
I really hope you start feeling better soon, this is one of my favorite stories on SmackJeeves.
And I really can't wait to know what he's going to say~! Although there hasn't been much of simon I just love him!
OMNOMNOM Cody gets nommed on ^3^
Baaaaawwwwwww it's so cute! <3 *3*
dude sexy ;D I'm jealous D=
Haha... just realized I meant to post this here and posted it in the original Cafe Bliss... So I'm moving it here C= I'm a genius.

I drew from like, 12"30 in the morning to 2:30 in the morning C= so it's truly a night time drawing. oooo..... eerie C=
My Halloween contest submission C=
Took like two hours in the middle of the night. I actually got yelled at lol
Jack is beautiful -hugs Jack-
Haha true that Wan
Omg it's like... here too =O
haha briiiibiiinnngggggg~ -spin- It's most beautiful of government? I dunno what I'm talking about anymore but I love Halloween <3 What fun this will be.... And dark. I've been in a weird, dark, let's just kick people's asses and throw them of a cliff mood lately <3
Bad guys and their monologing. Haha they're just so clever telling their plan so the good guys can be all like... RUN!!!! or, if they're brave and stupid good guys.. BAM -punch bad guy in the face-