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I am crying......... mayby cuz I realate to this......... of all the characters I thought I could relate to I didn't expect it to be flame. Well I can't wait to see how everything ends up.
They are so cute I'm ganna die!!!!!!!!
I hope everything turns out ok. Charecter suggestion. A zoroa that uses its ability illusion to descise as an eevee. You can use this for either comic if you want. ❤
@Guest: im a level 80 diecidueye so I'm stong against a psichic like dawn. But an angry dawn, is a scary dawn.
Dawn is mad..... Everyone duck and cover!!!
I'm ganna miss this comic. You did great on it 😁. If you ever make another i hope ill be able to read it.
I have a feeling Mrs. Molly is speed, Kris, and sunny's mother... Can't wait for next pages!!!☺
I ate dog food once so stick aren't so bad.