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Hello! I'm Angelicus and I'm basically here to favorite and comment on fabulous web-comics here! However, it seems doubtful I will make a web-comic on here. I prefer a more prose type of lifestyle... but hey! Who knows? :)
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Found you again, Ziggy.
Thought the artwork looked similar to SCSC and I guess I was right. Glad to see you still have some spunk left in you after so long.

And I must say, this comic is rather growing on me. Can't wait to see how it unfolds, you know, despite the romance and all.

ALSO: Love'n the white hair kid now. Keep. Him. Going.
'These posters are always changing!' XD Brilliant work.

Does it ever seem like anyone has a chance nor the time to say a long speech before being interrupted? Well, came to say that I'm glad you're back and your work is fa-
Epic 'Bailey,' to an Epic photo battle with an Epic no more questions is EPIC!

Questioning it...not so epic.

Great job! Can't wait for the battle! Xo
Aww! Look at all the happy faces in the group hug! :D
Because the best of friends will tend to kill you. :D

Very funny page! Keep it up!
Minor details, minor details. Everyone but Luther just doesn't remember the true story of the 'Woe of Four Intellectuals.'

I love the 7th panel so much, considering it matches with a movie title! Great job!
This page is fullz of ANGST.

Lmao! I loved the fourth panel! Everyone is so dead serious...just starring...down at Jing. Great work with the serioussness! Hope to see more soon!
My God. Talk about your friends...not bringing you presents after a vacation. Sheesh.

Any-who, I absolutely love the tenth panel! Such a magnificent place for a turning point.
But Jing! They can't handle the truth! D:
Epic Page!
I love this page for the reasons of so many new inside jokes! The fourth panel, in my opinion, is one of the funniest things I've seen in the comic.

Seriously. Like the panel.

Same goes to the 'I saw you on top of Jing,' quote. It can be taken into so many ways...if said randomly.

What will happen next?! Please post more! :D
For a minuet there, I thought they would start laughing, like what we see in our cartoons.

XD Hope to see some more nuttiness soon! Great job!
Paris is like his own planet: he has his own gravitational pull...XD

Great job on 'bumping' this comic up! Keep up the great work!
Oh, awkward body slam; why must you ruin moments like this?

I always wondered what happened to these guys! More lock picketing, perhaps?(Lock picketing? Is that how you say it?)
A chase scene!? Where's the 'Cowboy Beepbop' (sp? Too lazy to correct) theme when you need it?

And look! Special moment time...


I worry aabout him sometimes...I really do!
Skye is just killing everyone! God, I love his rebuttals!

Aww, come on. Everyone has a little sadist inside of them...

...Paris' is bigger than most, however...
Poor Kyle! I hope he's ok...those darn posers ><...

As for the whole SCSC universe, I find no error in it so far! Like I said, while you have a great drawing ability, ,it is mostly your stories that bring me here. Don't give up (Oh, the corny-ness)!
FFF is so awesome! Hasn't he heard about 'inversive language?'

Oh, and nice appearance! Totally incognito...
Weeney heads! XD I love your phrases and this comic so much!

BTW: What is Paris holding between his fingers? Hair clips unlock Skye's heart?!
Oh, d@mn! Totally dissed 'em! >:D

I wish I could be able to make insults that made sense... very good job on the comic! Keep it up!
Hooray! Sub-conscious Skye has returned! :D I knew I should have got up this morning!

As for Victoria...for-shame....for-shame...

Anyways, magnificent work! You incorporated many characters in this page, but kept a smooth transition within the plot! Great job! Can't wait for the next one!