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A Youtuber Who Likes To Say "Crap" A Lot and Play Pokemon
@I_am_a_human_being: Yes. The very strong power of yeet, or god lazarbeam.
Everything about this guy is a mystery. He Only Allows Kace To Talk To Him. Chapter 1 character.
A simple person.
The leader of the group.
Easily lost.
Thinks everything is easy.
Scared of heights.
Chapter 1 character.
I know arceus tho
@pixlyJolt: I have no idea who those are but ok
To Jolteon
Out of all the eeveelutions except Jolteon, which is you favorite?
This Wont Be Like Last Time. This time I will take pictures from the actual game.
Where do you ask?
d i d i b r e a k i t
a meteor

*comment ends*