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Aww, I’m caught up now. Still, cool stuff. :)
Again, interesting.
Interesting. :)
Don’t lie, Chie - you’re so bad at it.
I mean, why wouldn’t they know one way or the other if they’ve been close to him for a while?
I feel like they’d know him better than Chie. A single talk with a journalist doesn’t seem like it would normally tell you more about a person than years of being around them.
Is he right? Good question. Either way, Jon’s a likable character.
I like all the characters. I don’t feel sorry for Chie but I like her. :)
Yay for proper acknowledgement. :)
I love that I can already go that next page. :)
Chie is great! She looks like I did the last time I jumped off a waterfall. I have a fear of heights and my legs didn’t stop spasming for 15 minutes after.
“It’s not cool.” Lol.
Amber’s smile is a great contrast with everyone else’s expressions.
Nice - I like the lack of dialog here. Good choice. :)
Nice - get them talking.
Wow, they are really losing it.