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I'm Tails and I draw (mostly Mettaton) junk
As always, thank you all for your support! Even during these dark joke times.
@LKWayvern: I laughed at this so hard, I ave myself a headache
Happy Halloween!~
It's my birthday and spooky time, so I make the rules
The rules say it's time for a Halloween doodle with everybody
Ya'll ready for JOKES
Every nice comment I receive helps me grow stronger and gayer thank you all so much
@LKWayvern: Thank you!~
If you like the comic and want to help me keep making it, I'd appreciate it if you considered using this link ( DROPBOX REFERRAL<br> ) to make a dropbox. It's what I use to keep all this comic stuff together and we both get extra space this way!

Or drop a
Ko-fi<br>. I'd appreciate either~

And, of course, thanks for reading! I really appreciate all of the comments
I am in love with that top row of designs and especially with Undyne
@jellyfishin: Thank you!~ Pages where I just get to go wild are the best
I am forever in love with all these dragon designs
Background Characters
And Knuckles
That lovely deer-cow-thing is an OC of mine and the chicken rabbit duo are a friend's
This was a fun page
Double update to kick this new chapter off!~
Happy birthday!
Also this is rad art once again
I am also very in love with the stained glass
Hi, I love this
I am an absolute sucker for magical girl transformations
Magical girl transformation + Mettaton = Perfection
Hot dang this is beautiful
@jellyfishin: As a lover of Nib Mettaton, I'm honored to hear you like my silly comic venture!~