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Third year veterinary biotech student, aspiring doctor of vet medicine! I draw and paint pokemon in my free time.

Tumblr: @samadriel-art
Instagram: @samadriel_Art
DA: Samadriel
Twitter: @samadriel1

PMD Hellfire Tumblr: @pmd-hellfire
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@Spatan98: Accurate representation of me irl
Lil Delay!
Update Time!

Firstly, thank you all so much for reading and enjoying this comic! I’m having so much fun with this (the first project of mine to really do this) and I’m so excited to really delve into the mysteries of this world our protagonists are in~ Reading all your comments (either direct or tags) really makes me smile :D

Secondly, I have exams (a big one tomorrow) for the next two weeks (plus going away up north the week after) so updates are going to be delayed for the next two weeks approx. I’ll try put out some supplementary material in the meantime, but no guarantees. Always open for QnA style questions about the comic though (over on tumblr: pmd-hellfire)

Updates should return by about the last week of June - I’ll try slowly work on them during my study breaks so I have a backlog ready for release when I go away (23rd-27th).

Thanks for understanding <3
@GreyCorsola: Thank you so much! I am really having fun with this, and I'm really looking forward into diving into those themes in upcoming pages :)
Okay no big deal but I would die for Riley.
Oh, this is a very nice idea about the randomness of mystery dungeons!
@LKWayvern: More like a giant boar ;o
@Legosamuai732: Especially if said human just so happens to now be a speedy hellhound ;)
Oh this look super interesting! Really digging the vibe of this - faved!
Oh hey, the day this uploads is my birthday! The big 21! Already went out with friends so I'll be spending it studying lmao
@Blaze01: *obligatory image of my greyhound eating bacon
@Hardychuckle: Grumpig used psybeam; houndoom is a dark type and unaffected while eevee, a normal type, gets hit :3
Bacon anyone?

No update last friday sorry, I had my last assignment for the semester due and was focusing on that all week (third year uni: perfect time to start what will be a long comic). Approaching exam time so some updates may be skipped. Maybe I might do some ask blog style interactions over on tumblr as filler?
Just a normal day in Australia tbh
@BudgieGryphon: Woo, you guessed the Grumpig right way! It's one of those pokemon that falls into obscurity so I hoped it would take a bit of time for someone to get it :P

And yup! While I figure pokemon that have fire/magma as part of their bodies, like slugma or charmander, would probably not do too well submerged in water, contact with water would be unavoidable (I can imagine most vertebrate based pokemon would realistically still need to drink water to stay alive as well :P )
Upload schedule change! Gonna be uploading tuesdays and fridays (AUS time) now since work schedule and visiting family makes it hard to update on monday mornings :P

Also wow hey name drops to identifiable canon material
@BudgieGryphon: Oopsie, thanks for pointing it out! I did resize sirius to be a bit too big here actually, page will be updated shortly with corrections.
Canon eevee is quite tiny, like the size of a cat, and while size variation among pokemon would occur, Sirius would be a bit bigger than that, the size of a small-medium dog. Mila would be about normal greyhound size, maybe a tad smaller. Working on a size chart now to make sure I stay consistent aha
@SomeoneOnTheInternet: Yeah, that's it! It was IHE's video I got it from :^]
Fun fact: I initially intended Ren and Leo to be disposable side characters. Heck, the first draft had Ren be smooshed by the "meteor". I actually kinda like them now so they may stick around a bit :]
@Hardychuckle: I can't remember what it's from, but that line is based on something like "you f***d up my face" from a youtube video on a bad video game. I can't remember anything else, but that stuck with me and manifested itself into the angry catto
@Dogbit: Thank you very much <3