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Writer and illustrator for the comic Bohemian Nights. -A web comic about a group of twenty-something friends navigating through life, love and crappy jobs. May contain excessive drinking, profanity, nudity, sexual situations and an overwhelming urge to relive your past.
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    Eric Clements
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Just a little departure from the regular story...
Bohemian Nights is an old comic. It's steeped in events of my past updated for today but the comic itself is now nearly six years old. I'm now bringing it to a new audience here on Smack Jeeves and as you can plainly see, these first hundred or so comics are pretty rough artwise, but by the end of book one, things finally start to gel and the characters really begin to sing. So hang in there. It gets better. I promise the ride will be worth it.
And now we start to introduce the rest of the cast...