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If Ms.Mollie was their mother than OMG
Panic At The Disco (I think) refrence?
@loyka32 What is the name of the Discord?
@PKM-150 I know that this is 37 weeks late but, you should ignore all the hate comments and spend as much time as you want making pages, If you need to study for anything than you should just ignore the comments and take some time of drawing/writing, and also remember, were all there for you
Was Axel flirting with Sunshine??? XDXDXD
"Hey look, Female me!" XD I cant stop laughing 😀🤣😂
Wow now their whole family are shinies XD
*Hands chu a bucket full of Berries (The best Berries)*
Well, I kniw that your not talking to me, but I totally agree
Wow their going on a 'ship'... But i thought that there was already many ships in this?XD
Omg frost is behind Alan/Speedy on panel 4!!!!
(Sorry about this) Y'all mind if I twelth?
Could we count that as a Trace rekt/trolled counter?
Jolteon used: Healing Factor!
He cured all illnesses!!!
This literaly the cutest page I have ever seen...