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Lookit all your comments :3
Who needs sleep? You can run on love & appreciation from your fangirls&boys
Ahhhh :3 I love this & I love you
November 19th, 2010
I started partying & raving & doing drugs when I was 14 /notproud
Holy shit!
What a large dick you have, Mr. Wolf.
Why think straight
...when you can think gay! :D
Stop hating on Milk, you guys
She's hilarious
To Milk & ROFL
Your conversation made me lul so hard and choke at 3 am on a Sunday. Kudos.
Read the speech bubbles, gais.
It's obvslar it's fake. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!
Impossible to overdose on acid >.< Acid can only make you go INSANE if you take too much. I love your comic, but false facts, my friend!
Jam Tree is wrong, aswell. Sorry guys >.<
It's impossible to OD on acid. In fact, you'd easily OD on the same amount of potatoes than LSD. You can't physically eat enough paper to overdose. Also, LSD tolerance builds up really fast. Say you took 2 tabs of LSD one day, you'd have to take 4 the next day to get the same level of high. Acid use has to be spaced out with about 3 days after each use. Not to hate :) I've just done my research, being an experienced LSD user myself. I enjoy your comic anyhow.
I remember reading this comic last year, I was just visiting out of nostalgia.I miss your work :( when you eventually visit to read your comments, please at least go on DA or something.
Hahhaa I love Henry's WTF face
LOL Edward.
omg. they need to hook up and cause drama. <333
LOL "fuck your milk bitch"
I love that she isn't a mary-sue :D it makes me soooooo happy. Fav'd.
"he"'s a mouse? :D
Oh and you might want to change the "he"s in the character page on Truffles so people don't get confused.
Everyday that you never updated, a part of me died. Rejoice the return.
I'm gonna say it's a boy
and I sure hope I'm right...

*no boobehs* :D