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Just a university student with a scanner :)
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Evil mermaid! Stoked for next episode when Chase has to fight this thing.
Hello to my regular reader in Hungary! I'm glad to have you here and hope you're enjoying.
April 1st, 2019
Thank you for reading this arc, The Prison Incident!
Next arc will be coming out quite swiftly because I still have a couple of chapters' worth of backlog. It is called The Nightmare Beast and I'm very excited for it. It's got magic, monsters, rain, and people talking about their feelings!
March 29th, 2019
There's always one in a team who's liable to charge in on a horse waving legislation and those are the ones to watch out for.
The Prison Incident concludes next chapter. Thanks for reading!
In this chapter of The Prison Incident, Ryde and Chase chat about ethics while Flit gets in a fistfight. I admit it's one of my favourites.
@GnomeExterminator99: glad you enjoy the hands. newly crowned Queen Flit thanks you
New arc, 'The Prison Incident', starts with a shopping trip and attempt to find out more about the mysterious scroll. Spoiler alert: it does not go as expected.
March 22nd, 2019
...and that's how the team was formed
Thanks for reading Silver Skies! Are you still with me?
Next arc is called 'The Prison Incident', coming imminently.
Chase, Flit's companion and self-appointed guardian, is not happy with this turn of events.
Check back for Flit's sneaky attempts at team-building activities!
Hello all! Welcome to The Call. We're starting with the mini-arc 'Silver Skies' which brings the team together, demonstrates how superpowers work in this universe, and so on. Stick around :)