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Hi there everyone, I'm Melodie and I'm a Storyboard Artist (freelance) and co-creator of "Here in the West". I've been doing comics for what feels like /forever/ and still very much in love with it. I also like doing handcrafts as well! I'm still learning how to sew more complex items but I've made various kinds of bags and felt figures. Outside of art, I figure skate at a local ice rink. Two years going on strong and learning a lot.
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@Blue Dragon: lol excellent, welcome to the track >3
Another entry from Ramune’s Hobonichi journal.

A little announcement. I truly appreciate all the readership and so happy that you’re all enjoying the comic so far.

I’m scheduling a temporary hiatus to recuperate over the Summer. (July through August). I’ll see you all back again late-August to early-September.
@lemnlime: hmm...very true, noted. Thanks for the feedback! I'll save it for the "blu-ray"
@ManWithJoeName: ;w; Thank you so much for reading! Yes, please. Stay tuned for more!
Welcome to Old Town!

You may notice that the art style and the character design have altered slightly as you read from the Prologue to the main story. I first did the Prologue back in 2016 when the comic originally made it's debut. I was in the midst of Graduate School and things got quite busy rather quickly as the years went on; therefore, the comic had to take a backseat for awhile.

Between graduating, job hunting, and freelancing, I relaunched Here in the West on the anniversary date in 2019 (two years later).

The characters are a collaborative design between myself and co-creator, Kathleen Lim (aka Hinokit). More backstory and information about characters and their world will be revealed as you, the reader, become more acquainted!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy!