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I just wanna read the comic.
Okay but actually I am a 7th grader who likes you guessed it The Eeveelutions! I am a loyal fan to the comics I read. I think that's all you need know about me actually I should probably add I have anger manegment problems IRL but usually I am a pretty chill person online. That about sums me up.
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I ship SpeedxLazuli but that first panel is very cute :P
No she was talking about Sunshine and Axel.
Frank's seen some weird stuff huh?
Don't feel rushed though Pkm! If you need like a month or something like that we all completely understand.
So Pkm is taking a break or did he injure his hand I've heard both of these things just wanted clarification.
Possibly but but it's not that likely.
Maybe the bleeding this is what happens when the shadow fades and the cuts heal instantly? (Just trying to be positive)
That is one mutilated Eevee in Panel 5
Just 5 percent more than Flare can touch Fluffy!