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I went AWOL to work on another comic.
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An update?
That's weird.
Hm, Batman.
I worked on the next page last night, and, while it was shitty, it failed to save and was lost forever~ ;_; So I might throw an uncolored page at you and work harder on the next few. O:
I thought about drawing you pronz...but.
This shall suffice.

100 = pronz? Maybe.
You've got some problems with your "neither nor" right there. Mostly because you have a double negative. "You won't neither" is essentially "you will". So make "won't" into "will" and it it's proper again.

Also, the way you made him transparent sort of makes him look more like a hologram than a fading spirit.
Well, I kind of work with what I can. xD But, yes, my personal preference is guys a lot older than me, so I guess I do prefer them in fiction.
Also, no. Batman has not been raped. He's just had the crap beat out of him.

You guys know me already. I don't make these comics hyper-sexual.
Typos: they happen.
I'm still the only comic artist who practices proper grammar, though.

Edit: With three obvious mistakes in one page, it was bound to be edited. Blood is there, Gordon's thought bubbles are set at the right opacity, and the non-word stipped has been properly addressed.

Anyway, Batman is a little nutso right now, if you didn't notice this.

Just Batman x Gordon? Oh, that's boring. Where would the drama be?
I was experimenting (because that's what this comic is), and I really liked this. c:
Note: Comments = updates.
There are more people who dabble in Gordon x Batman!? :D

I'm kind of having fun with this. xD But don't expect a page a day. I still need to work on Night Shift. Even so...old man love might drag me away from that. xD

Anyway, I think that's probably the best picture I've ever drawn of Batman. Yeah, I never really pay attention to that guy. -sigh-
Batman's costume would be too big for him.

Tim's a strong kid. He could take it. c:
Thanks, guys. And, yes, two characters are not enough. I intend to defame every one of them. >:D

Anyway, I think that less people will be interested in this because it doesn't have an established fan-base, and also because Gordon is old. v_v

Everyone should have old man love like me. It's a grand thing, to adore wrinkles. [/reversepedo]
It was no empty threat
I really did it. xD

Go visit it at or
It's effing Gordon!!!
If you're wanting some answered questions, I suggest you go read the description.

Other than that, yes - I am coloring this. I figure I should use this as a practice comic, working with layouts, formats and coloring techniques. You know - as much practice as I can get, right?

It might make it slower to in progress than, say, "The Adventures?" usually was, but it means a better comic considerably.

I think I might even work on buff guys with Batman. Yes, that means sexy muscle tone. (And you all know Gordon has some, too.)

LOL, this comic proves to be hilariously ridiculous.

Does Gordon even have sex!? LOL
Ugh. This page is boring.
Not bad. Just dull.

Yes, his dad is Commissioner Gordon.
I almost watch to ditch this comic completely and do a Gordon x Batman one.
Mostly just because I want an excuse to put Gordon in a sexual situation.
But then I feel like you guys would be sad.

But Batman x Robin seems so unrealistic to me these days.

I dunno...
xD OK, so I won't lie to you guys. I didn't notice right away that my characters were shockingly similar to the cast of Scooby-Doo. Naturally, as soon as I did realize it, I decided to have fun with it. So here we have a cover in the style and costumes of the gang. I know, it's kind of lame. I mean, I copied the poses from another picture and everything. >_<; But I probably wouldn't have done this if I hadn't taken the easy route, and I really wanted to, so...

Anyway, you can figure out who everyone is, right? Scooby is Abigail, Freddie is Merner, Daphne is Gloria, Shaggy is Maynard and Velma is Max. Their personalities don't really match (save for Maynard and Max), but their appearances do - sort of. The only one I think would be offended by this whole spiel would be Gloria, and that's just because annoying. c:
OK, so you might be all, "WOT?" And that's funny. But, really, this is just sort of like an in-between sort of thing for the story. Nora is another character, and while everything is happening to Merner, this crap is happening to Nora. I kind of always wanted to do this, but now I have a finite thing. Anyway, this is only three pages, and after this it will go straight back to the Night Shift comic. c: No big deal.

My writing skills are a little rusty. Sorry. ;_;
I guess I was a little too dramatic to say that no one comments. But I was used to two or three comments a page, and suddenly it was like, "WUT! NO COMMENTS FOR YOU!"

Anyway, enough about me. As for the comic, I've really been excited about it. I have a great idea for where I'm going to take it, and I hope that you guys will like what's in store. c: