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Hi, my pen-name/nickname is Sweet and I'm an aspiring manga artist
Awww yisss, came to get my mandatory dose of boyishness. Will Ursa be the focus of this arc? Also have to say I really like the choice of colors for the cover.
If I had to pick only one: Leo all the way
I see they're rocking the pool party skins
Marco backstage: "Now gimme back my cap"
Also good dry humor at the end.
Leo is the definition of cool
good development, really like the last panel
Nice chapter yet again!
love this page and the tension it creates
"Big enough to have cities on them" oh boy this totally screams "adventure!", now I can't wait till we see one of those monsters in the story. The potential is huge, you could even have an entire arc where they go to one of those cities. I'm hyped
"FATALITY" haha if that tree was a character in Mortal Kombat that would be its finishing move
You've made good progress guys, the reboot is genuinely starting to grow on me. I'll take my time and enjoy catching up with the rest of the chapters
Damn, this was unexpected and well delivered! By the end of the page i was almost as hyped as Marco lol
Haha, nice one. If there's one thing i love the most about your series it's got to be the humor. It's unforced, flows well and feels classic
Really fun-to-read exposition, oh man it takes me back to when i first read one piece and they were describing the grand line.
Also liked the drawings being reminiscent of ancient cave paintings, it really adds to the mystery