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I'm a guy who makes manga.

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Faster technique
Hi. I just wanna say that I know know different ways and techniques to make pages faster! That is all.
Ahah, sorry for the long delay. >_>
Hey Lugbzurg, always great to see you, yeah Bobobo is cool :D You should check out the anime FLCL, its pretty damn awesome and funky too :P
Let's dance!

Shiny isthe third main character!
To lugzurg
Yes I do, I love our comments xD
Finally, more.
Sorry for the delay D;
at Lugzurg
Did you knew I had a new page? xD
Ben10 and Mario Bros?

Where is the world coming to? o_o
Theres even a movie series I did with my cousins. The comic is based on the movies.

You can find m there:

Jason 2 in Underchinatown comes first.

Don't expect anything incredible though. But it's still one of my personnal favorite works. We still need to make the last video, which should be done this summer.

Thanks a whole lot for the fav and comments.
Lol, he putted it back in his head xD,
To SushiGummy
I will nevar give up!
And why not? I would'nt mind affiliating.
To Czar Squid
Yah I remember you :]

You are the one who made me this badass walrus Pumpkin Boy rodeo picture.

And PB won't disappear, I'm just slow at updating. I'm sorry about it too. If you want different stuff from me, you can check out my Jason 2 comic. Not as good, but still enjoyable I guess.

Thanks a whole bunch for reading this, makes me so happy inside :>
been a while
9 months later xD LOL
Sorry for the delay, I was busy with college.
I don't have animation skills :/
DON'T EAT IT omg editted your post I guess.

AND YEAH..It's a bird thingy.
It's not annoying at all, I enjoy it. :]