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hiya! im just a random person that likes pokemon and reading webcomics occasionally.
Other interests:
- portal
- steven universe
- drawing
- worldbuilding
- astronomy
- dogs
- baking
- microbiology
- minecraft
its like nearly impossible to ignore him though. lol
he could just write his name on the ground with a stick
wow wtf is that guys problem?? yeesh
poor human ;-;
ooh shit that's gotta hurt
@Guest: i guess we'll see soon
gotta love Explorer Hair Gelâ„¢
whoa i love the shading here. i like how there's distinct landmarks rather than a generic kinda looking background
im guessing by feral pokemon they mean the pokemon that live in the mystery dungeon
oh hey u updated!! ive actually been reading this comic for a while but i only recently decided to get an account here. anyways im really curious to see where this goes!
hey cool comic so far
holy shit so i just binge read this whole comic and i just made an account to say...

THIS COMIC IS AMAZING. I can't wait to see what happens next!!
yo so ive been reading this comic for a while but i only recently got an account so i just wanna say that this is a really neat comic so far :) im interested to see where this goes